Bianca Belair’s star power continues to grow and will eclipse the WWE

Bianca Belair is one of the most prominent women in wrestling today. As her position in WWE grows, she is continuing to reach career accolades as a part of the WWE Raw roster. News broke on Thursday that the multiple-time champion is now signed to one of the biggest talent management companies in the world, WME. This step is another move that will continue to grow her star power beyond the world of professional wrestling.

First reported by Joe Otterson of Variety, this news shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone that has followed Belair’s career.

“With the signing, the powerhouse Hollywood agency will work to build her business across podcasting, acting marketing, and more,” Otterson reported.

Belair took to social media to announce the move.

“I am very excited to say I have signed with the powerhouse agency WME for representation in all areas,” Belair posted to Instagram. “Very excited to be a part of the WME family!”

Belair is one of the most important names in wrestling today as she touches on demographics that are frequently ignored throughout the industry. Before the recent return of B-Fab as a part of Hit Row, Belair was the only Black woman on the WWE main roster due to Sasha Banks and Naomi being suspended for walking out back in May.

Even before joining the main roster in 2020, Belair was quickly recognized by wrestling fans and media personalities while she was a part of the NXT brand. She wore ring attire adorned with messages like “Black History in the Making” that quickly helped her stand out among the rest.

It will be interesting to see how WWE responds to her growth as a major star. The promotion has faced a challenge in developing big-name attractions that can draw in fans and Belair certainly fits within that space. These individuals are usually tapped to do bigger projects, pulling their brands into Hollywood with examples like The Rock and John Cena standing out.

Even Banks’ reach has grown lately, with her being featured in The Mandalorian, and in other projects. However, WWE frequently fails to display her accolades outside the ring but speaks highly of her during the quarterly financial calls. In fact, there’s a narrative that has grown that the WWE purposely tried to cut into Banks’ growth as a mainstream star to limit the opportunities that may come her way. Will Belair face similar treatment? That’s a question that many want to see answered, hopefully in a positive manner.

Bianca Belair is a big star, which is obvious. Outside of a few minor bumps, WWE has allowed her to bloom well as a part of its roster. Signing with WME makes her an even bigger draw and the opportunities that will come her way may potentially pull her away from the ring, but fans will not wane in their support of the EST.