Becky Lynch Wanted Heel Run To Be A ‘Stark Difference’ From The Man

Photo Credit: WWE

Becky Lynch explains why The Man needed to go away for a bit.

During an appearance on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Becky Lynch spoke about wanting to make her most recent WWE run stand out on its own. Lynch says she actively tried to move away from “The Man” because she had to be a heel and stop doing what fans loved her for.

“Yeah, so what I wanted was just a stark difference. Because I knew if I gave them ‘The Man’, they like ‘The Man’, so the heel’s job is to take away what they like. So I thought it if I was just ‘The Man’ and a badass and the champ and stuff, then eh, you can kinda cheer for that guy. But if I’ve gone against everything that I said I was all about all this time, and obviously let the glory get to my head and become this insecure egomaniac, then well, I don’t like that person. So there we go, and so that was my thought process.”

Lynch also spoke about the crazy outfits she wore during this run and shared some of the inspiration behind the looks.

“I think at heart I’m like this tortured theater kid that still wants to wear, you know, that’s what I did in my degree and that wants to wear crazy costumes and be outlandish. So it was fun to be up at three or four in the morning going ‘crazy space suits,’” Lynch explained. “I have a guy as well, King Troy, big shoutout, who finds me a lot of this. But then I also, because I love it, some of my outfits are also from my purchasing. I was gonna say creation, I ain’t ‘The EST’, I ain’t sewing my own clothes.”