Alexa Bliss ‘Angers’ Sasha Banks Backstage

Alexa Bliss has been the talk of WWE and social media for a bit. Sadly, Alexa has gone through the paces of being hated on by fans and peers alike as some chalk up Bray Wyatt’s firing due to Alexa Bliss carrying the torch as it pertains to a gimmick similar to The Fiend’s. The hate was so bad recently that Alexa actually had to shut down social media pages. Then, when everything looked like it was letting up, Alexa got some more shade thrown her way, but this time from a once close friend….Vince McMahon ‘Wiping Out’ WWE Division.

Billi Bhatti recently reported that the pay scale is totally off between Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks. Bhatti took to The Dirty Sheets podcast to state that Alexa Bliss came to the main roster at $150,000 per year but was bumped up to $500,000 quicker than other talent.

This made some stars rather furious as they had already been champions previous to Bliss really hitting her stride with the Bray Wyatt gimmick. Bhatti also stated that part of the reason she and Sasha Banks have tension is due to the money issue that has been ongoing. Not only do the two dislike each other, but they’re ‘mortal enemies,’ as Billi Bhatti claims.