NCAAW/WNBA Podcast: South Carolina’s Aliyah Boston left out of ESPYs

The latest episode of the Triple Threat Podcast kicks off with some love for Aliyah Boston, who was nominated for the ESPYs’ “Best College Athlete, Women’s Sports” award, a category that was not aired on the show.

While Boston ended up losing the category to Jocelyn Alo of Oklahoma softball, there has been an uproar over the lack of coverage of the category when it was on the ESPY broadcast last year. As you can imagine, the members of the Bonnet Gang are beside themselves, especially given that Paige Bueckers specifically asked for more coverage of Black players when she won the category last year.

The gang also discusses ways to potentially bring Brittney Griner home, which is on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Then they get into the Kevin Durant/Kyrie Irving/Brooklyn Nets drama. Next up is the Lakers and what to do with Russell Westbrook, whose mistakes have been magnified in L.A., which is unfair to him. Also in this podcast on the NBA front, the gang talks about the awfulness of the Miles Bridges domestic violence and child abuse charges.

As far as football, Chauny thinks Baker Mayfield isn’t good enough to deserve the cool uniforms of the Panthers and that he should go back to the Browns. The MLB gets more attention than the NFL on this episode, as the gang talks about the floundering popularity of the sport, particularly in the Black community. They think that the fun has been sucked out of baseball and say that, despite Mookie Betts’ call for more Black fans in the stands, they’re not interested.

They call attention to baseball writers who like when white players show a little attitude and celebrate intensely, but criticize Black players who celebrate intensely.

Trisity thinks that baseball is so hard that when you do hit a home run, you should be able to celebrate big-time. Juanita agrees, pointing out that even the good players only succeed 30 percent of the time(!).

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