Which Eastern team will win the NBA semifinals?

As the NBA playoffs enter the second round, there are four teams left standing in the East Conference: Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers. The playoffs so far have seen the assembly of young superstars surrounded by good coaches, deep benches and veterans.

As we head to the NBA’s homestretch, each team is doing whatever it takes to ensure they book a spot in the NBA finals, a feat that won’t be achieved easily. But first, they will need to achieve a victory in the semi-finals if they dream of carrying this season’s title.

Boston Celtics will take on Milwaukee Bucks, while Philadelphia 76ers will face Toronto Raptors in the highly anticipated series of games.

Who do you think will win the NBA semi-finals on the East side?

The answer to this question is hard to predict as the semi-finals involve some of the best NBA teams ever. All four teams have a shot at emerging victorious. However, the overall performance of players in either team and the current ranking standings are some of the factors that could determine who will get promoted to the semi-finals.

We take a look at those teams to get a clue of how the Eastern Conference semifinals playoffs could turn out.

Boston Celtics vs Milwaukee Bucks h2h

Milwaukee Bucks are currently first-placed in this season’s Eastern Conference NBA standings, while Bolton Celtics are in the fourth position. Mike Budenholzer’s side has won 60 times in the last 82 games, while Brad Stevens’ side has won 49 times. The Celtics’ current ranking gives them an upper hand over their opponents, as they will be coming into this game with high spirits.

Bolton Celtics will need to show their A-game in order to stop the Bucks who won’t hesitate to crash their opponents. The Bucks have been the best team in the league since the beginning of the season, unlike the Celtics who have performed below par. The semifinal clash between the two teams is expected to be tough and highly challenging as each team will be eyeing for a win.

I personally bet on Milwaukee Bucks who are likely to win the upcoming match on Wednesday, based on their current form and standings.

Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors h2h

Philadelphia 76ers have won 51 of their last 82 games this season and are currently third-placed in the NBA ranking.

Toronto Raptors are currently in the second position and have won 58 times. The Raptors’ conference record is 36-16, while the Sixers’ is at 31-21. The Raptors beat the Sixers 125-89 in their last encounter.

Nick Nurse’s side will be looking to win this game in order to keep their title hopes alive.

As much as the Raptors have a better chance to carry the day, they should expect a tough fight against the Sixers who could easily pull off an upset in the semifinals. For now, we will sit and watch what happens when the rival teams face-off.

I will cross my fingers for the Sixers to win the semi-finals since they have proven before that they are equal to the task.

Will it be Milwaukee Bucks or Philadelphia 76ers?

The Bucks have won three of their last five matches, while the Sixers have won two times.

Milwaukee Bucks lost 116-127 against Oklahoma City Thunder in their last match in April. The third-placed Sixers won 125-109 against Chicago Bulls in their last Eastern Conference match.

Based on the above stats, I would bet on Milwaukee Bucks to win the Eastern Conference semifinals. However, anything could happen in this game.

Only the scorers survive

In the second round, teams will pull through by earning points. It means the more baskets they score, the higher the chances to move forward in the competition.

Every team brings its prowess to the court, clearly there are no underdogs. It will be entertaining for the NBA fans who will be at the edge of their seats with every clash on the court.

Photo by Jeramey Jannene via Wikicommons

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