Tom Brady is underpaid with a $23M salary

He plays and plays and plays and plays. In a month, New England quarterback Tom Brady (42) is onto his 20th NFL season. The best passer of all time does not seem to get tired. When he said a few years ago that he wanted to “play until 45,” this was commonly thought to be a joke in professional circles.

Now Brady has extended his contract to two years. At the end of the contract, he would be exactly 45 years old. If he contests all 16 qualifying matches this season, he is the oldest player to succeed.

But how does he do that? “I’m more a thinker than a physical miracle,” Brady tells the magazine “Men’s Health.” It’s not going to be like that: every fifteen-minute brain training is prescribed every day.

Also important: the diet. He’s eating the same thing pretty much every day, Brady says. Before the workout, there are berry and banana smoothies, then avocado and eggs for breakfast, followed by salad with fish and nuts for lunch. For dinner, vegetables and chicken. In between: guacamole, nuts, hummus.

Sweating on the beach in full gear

Without training, it will not work for the football thinker either. In the private training camp in the Bahamas, Brady puts dozens of sprints in the sand. Under the midday sun, equipped with a helmet, shoulder pads and football under his arm. “You have to train how you play,” says the husband of supermodel Gisele Bundchen (“She’s not interested in sports”). Again and again he pulls his runs, followed by private trainer Alex Guerrero, who holds him back on a rubber band. 

With the contract renewal comes a nice salary increase. The Californian will earn $23 million next season. This is $8 million more than last year but he is still drastically underpaid.

The man, who has won six Super Bowls in his career, is only the number 13 in the salary ranking of quarterbacks of the National Football League. For comparison, average passer such as Kirk Cousins ​​(28 million) and Alex Smith (23.5 million) and better substitutes like Joe Flacco (22.1 million) and Nick Foles (22 million) come to similar sums.

For better players, he renounces money

Tom Brady has won six Super Bowls in his career. (Source)

There is a team salary cap in the National Football League. Those who earn more ensure that there is less money left for their teammates. Meaning, if you are a bit frugal, get better teammates.

That’s how Brady has always held in recent years. Will that change now? He is said to earn more than $30 million each for the season after next season and the season. Insiders expect renegotiations in the spring, the wage will be adjusted down again.

Or he stops completely. Fans in New England were recently shocked to learn that Brady and Bündchen have put their villa up for sale in Brookline, southwest Boston, for around $40 million. Is this a sign that the tents in Massachusetts will soon be broken off?

(Featured image by Peter Bond via Flickr. CC BY-NC 2.0)

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