Xiang Jing Zhang for winning the Asymchem Open Singles.

(Courtesy of Edges and Nets)

Congratulations to Xiang Jing Zhang for winning the Asymchem Open Singles. Watch the Asymchem Open Finals here:


More results are shown in the table below. Click the title of an event for more detailed results, pictures of the finalists, and videos of the finals for select events.

Event First Place Second Place
Asymchem Open Singles Xiang Jing Zhang Udaya Ranasingha
Juniors RR Ted Li Keenan Zhou
U13 RR Nathanael Hwang Nathan L Wang
U11 RR Callem Pace Tianze Shen
U2400 KOBE! Victor Moraga
U2300 Hanson Chiu Keenan Zhou
U2200 Crystal Liu Kayleigh Cui
U2000 Michael Yeh Aidan Chen
U1800 Michael Chen Gautam Kathiravan
U1600 Kevin Li Zhang Teddy Xu
U1400 Callem Pace Rufat Ragimov
U3600 Doubles Michael Yeh/EV Pace Gautam Kathiravan/Red-Riley Rapinan
U4200 Doubles Udaya Ranasingha/Omar Mora Keenan Zhou/Austin Zhang
Brazillian Udaya’s Team Michael’s Team

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