ITTF President Visits European Youth Championships, Meets with Sport Minister

ITTF President Petra Sörling is concluding her visit to Serbia, where she attended the European Youth Championships and met with European Table Tennis Union officials and the Minister of Youth and Sport.

Belgrade is the current home of the 2022 Dunav Osiguranje European Youth Championships, one of the most well-established tournaments on the international calendar, concluding today, Friday 15th July. President Sörling was full of praise for the events.

“This is one of the best European Youth Championships I have ever seen. I sincerely congratulate the Association of Table Tennis of Serbia and the European Table Tennis Union for their tremendous work. Not only did they perfectly welcome the next generation of table tennis champions, but they also inspired them to chase their dreams.”

On Tuesday 12th July at the Stark Arena, she was welcomed by Aleksandar Karakasevic, President of the Association of Table Tennis of Serbia, and ETTU Acting President Pedro Moura before joining a meeting of the ETTU Executive Board.

The following day, she met Vanja Udovicic, Serbian Youth and Sports Minister; most positive discussions resulted.

The message from the southeastern European country was clear; they are committed to organising major international tournaments, the ITTF World Youth Championships being high on the agenda.

Notably, Serbia is no stranger to hosting international tournaments, Novi Sad being a favourite home. Located on the banks of the Danube, the city staged the World Championships in 1981, the European Championships in 1974, the European Youth Championships in both 1988 and 2003. Meanwhile, Belgrade was the home for the European Championships in 2007, in addition holding ITTF World Tour tournaments in 1996, 1998, 1997, 2006.