Chips And Tables Fly At World Series Of Poker After False Reports Of An Active Shooter

Players Take Cover credit: Joey Ingram

Just hours after the 2022 World Series of Poker main event champion was crowned, chaos rained down at the summer series as reports of an active shooter on the Last Vegas Strip sent tables and chips flying while players scrambled towards the exits.

As it turns out, there was no shooting at all.

Nearly a mile down Las Vegas Boulevard, a glass door at the MGM Grand Casino had shattered, causing patrons and valet staff to flee, assuming it had been shot out. Word quickly spread on social media, and it wasn’t long before it reached someone inside the Paris Ballroom at the WSOP.

Murmurs turned into panic, and then a stampede of players, dealers, and staff rushing towards the exits, no doubt remembering the Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting that occurred just outside the Mandalay Bay Casino in 2017. A total of 60 people were killed and hundreds more injured by a lone gunman at the country music concert.

Chips Scattered At WSOP credit: Allyn ShulmanSome WSOP patrons reported injuries afterward. Poker pro Vanessa Kade said that she fell down and skinned her knee in the commotion. Circuit winner Michael Trivett said he was trampled on his way out of the casino and hurt his leg. Six-time bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu suffered a severe cut on his hand.

Although there were initial attempts to restart some of the events, too many of the players were no longer in the building and there was still the matter of sorting out all of the spilled over chip stacks. As a result, the three bracelet events being played out in the Paris Ballroom were ended early for the evening, with staff being instructed to bag the chips for the players who were no longer there.

A fourth tournament, the final table of the $3,000 H.O.R.S.E., continued play four-handed, and the daily deepstack tournaments also resumed.

The false shooting report also affected poker rooms at other Las Vegas Strip venues, including the MGM Grand, Aria, Caesars Palace, and Bellagio.

*Photo credits Allyn Shulman and Joey Ingram