The MSA Karting Management Group (KMG) reminds all karting competitors that FIA International karting competition licences can only be issued by the ASN in each country. This responsibility lies with Motorsport South Africa (MSA) in South Africa.




It is further confirmed that, in order to qualify for an FIA International karting competition licence, it is an FIA / CIK requirement that a competitor must hold a current MSA Karting licence and must have competed in at least five (5) MSA-sanctioned karting events in the 24 months prior to application.


It is emphasized that the FIA regulation requires the applicant to compete in at least five (5) separate MSA-sanctioned karting events during the 24 month period. Individual heats/races within an event are not counted independently as qualifying towards an international licence.  


In order to assist all karting competitors who may be intending to apply for international licences, to comply with the abovementioned requirements the following is a list of all the MSA-sanctioned karting events for the remainder of the 2022 season: