PlayStation 4 DualShock controller attachment on sale — save 50% for a limited time

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SAVE $8: As of Oct. 14, the PlayStation 4 DualShock back button attachment is $8 (50%) off at GameStop for a limited, bringing the price down to just $9.99.

Gaming controllers are great — they’re (usually) comfortable to hold, and provide a more intuitive way to play games as opposed to a mouse and keyboard. The upside to being mouse-and-keyboard-savvy, though, is that the medium allows for a lot more customization. You can change key bindings on the fly, and create a setup that better fits your playstyle. Typical controllers just don’t allow for that, unless you’re willing to drop almost $200 on the Xbox Elite Series 2.

But if you’re still rocking with the PlayStation 4, you can actually get some of that extra customization on the cheap. This DualShock back button attachment adds functional back paddles to your PS4 remote, and it’s only $9.99 at GameStop for a limited time (that’s 50% off).

Credit: Sony / Mashable Photo Composite

The DualShock back button attachment is extremely simple to set up — it literally just plugs into your DualShock’s headphone jack, and that’s it. From there, you can assign your buttons of choice to each paddle, whether it’s a trigger or face button. The digital screen on the back of the device will display what your current assignments are, and you can even save multiple presets within it that you can hop around to whenever you need.

Start remapping and change the way you play for the better — pick up a PlayStation 4 DualShock back button attachment at GameStop and save 50% off the usual price.

PS4 DualShock back button attachment product photo

Credit: Sony

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