Travels with Stormy – May 2, 2021

In the midst of a fast-paced season, it’s easy to let the days blend together. As the Golden Knights get ready to head to Minnesota to take on the Wild in a pair of important games, I thought it would be fun to share with you what our travel days look like!

As soon as I woke up this morning, I brushed my teeth (very important), filled out my daily symptoms check on the team app and headed downstairs to see Dawn! In other life, Dawn and I may never have crossed paths, but as one of the team’s travel party COVID test administrators she is subjected to my poorly executed dad jokes every day.

Dogs can’t operate MRI machines. But catscan.

Told you they were bad.

Anyways, then it’s time for coffee and quickly updating my notes. The morning after gamedays I like to fill in any new player accomplishments, streaks and trends, and re-listen to the post-game press conference to cement the information to memory.

Then it’s time for a quick workout. I feel like the players on the Golden Knights work out CONSTANTLY. Whether it’s during the day, at the arena before the game or sometimes even once the game is over in the hallways, being in peak physical condition is part of the job. Let’s just say their warm-up is my entire routine.

Back to the room to pack up the suitcase & hopefully not disturb my neighbor too bad with the blaring music.

One more quick stop for a second cup of coffee alongside my pal and colleague Gordon Weigers-we ran into William Carrier who had the same idea-and it’s time to load up the team buses.

There is a player bus and one for coaches and support staff. I like to get there early because the bus waits for no one!!

Once the buses were loaded up with gear, luggage and a hockey team, we headed out to the airport to fly to Minnesota. The Phoenix area was enjoying a clear desert morning not unlike those we get back home in the 702. It’s nice to visit places like Minnesota to get a taste of a different climate for a few days!

Flight time is nap time for this girl. I checked my email (thank you charter flight wifi), caught some Zs and before I knew it the 2.5 hour flight had come and gone.

It’s a bit of a longer bus ride to the team hotel in St. Paul, so Netflix it is! Arrested Development is today’s choice. Once we pulled up to where we’d be staying for the next few days, I followed my colleagues to the “Key Card Table,” to see which room was mine, grab some food and head upstairs. While some might take time to FaceTime family members, watch TV or just relax, it’s time to hit the notebook to get ready for Monday’s broadcast!

It’s more fun to prepare for a game after a win-there’s an energy around the entire travel party that keeps everyone’s spirits high.

It was an important bounce-back performance for the team against the Coyotes last night and a huge milestone game for Marc-Andre Fleury moving in to a tie for third on the NHL’s All-Time Wins list, but the Wild are always a test. At 2-3-1 against Minnesota this season, the Wild are the only team the VGK have a losing record against so these next two games are big.

I’ve got to finish prepping up for tomorrow but thanks for following along to see what a travel day is like for the Golden Knights! Zipping from city to city is fun, but the most fun is covering this team that continues to find ways to win. See you on AT&T SportsNet!


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