NFL Analyst Names League’s Best Quarterback Division

More often than not, the most competitive divisions in the NFL are the ones with the best quarterbacks. So which division reigns supreme in terms of quarterbacks?

In a column for, Adam Schein ranked each of the eight divisions by the collective talent of the quarterbacks. While the AFC North, NFC South and even AFC West made the top four, the NFC West came out on top.

Schein explained that the Los Angeles Rams’ trade for Matthew Stafford put the whole division over the top. He also had high praise for Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray.

Schein believes that San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo weighs the group down. But he feels admits that Garoppolo is good when healthy, and that the 49ers’ QB of the future – Trey Lance – looks like a star in the making.


No surprise here: The NFL’s most competitive division reigns supreme at the sport’s most important position. Stafford changes everything for the Rams — and the Rams change everything for Stafford. He’s a spectacular quarterback who’s finally going to get his due at age 33…


But Wilson is a star who makes the most out of what he has, both in terms of his own skill set and the surrounding talent. After petering out down the stretch last season, I think he comes out in 2021 as a man on a mission.

I expect Murray, another former No. 1 overall pick, to become truly great in 2021. It’s Year 3 in Kliff Kingsbury’s offense and the surrounding pieces are in place, especially at the receiver position. This cat’s dynamic as a passer and runner, a modern playmaker at the position. That’s not exactly the case with Jimmy G, who brings this group down. That said, he’s obviously been solid when healthy, as evidenced by his 22-8 record in San Francisco. Not to mention, Lance — a true dual-threat with serious arm talent — waits in the wings. His lack of experience could keep him on the bench longer than some 49ers fans would like, but once the No. 3 overall pick gets comfy in Kyle Shanahan’s scheme … Watch out!

The NFL would seem to agree. They made sure to schedule an NFC West team to at least one primetime game just about every week this season. Over a dozen primetime games this season feature at least one team from the division.

Meanwhile, the NFC East came it at the bottom of Schein’s ranking. While he loves Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott, he “loathes” the rest of the division. That includes New York Giants QB Daniel Jones, Washington Football Team QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and Philadelphia Eagles presumptive starter Jalen Hurts.

Which division do you give the mantle of best or worst in the NFL in terms of quarterbacks?