NBA’s ‘Best guard blocks of the 2021-22 season’ clip features Celtics

For much of the history of the NBA, the prevailing style of play put the lion’s share of responsibility for shot blocking among the centers and power forwards of the league. But in the modern style of play currently favored by the league, it is not too unusual to see a guard send a shot into the stands.

And while it is true that for the Boston Celtics, that role is still primarily the domain of Boston big men Robert Williams III and Al Horford, everyone from Jaylen Brown to Marcus Smart in the backcourt can also swat away a poorly-timed shot attempt with little issue as well.

With that in mind, it probably should not shock one to see the Celtics featured in the NBA’s ‘Best guard blocks of the 2021-22 season’ video recently uploaded to the league’s primary YouTube channel.

Take a look at the clip embedded above to see which Celtics and what team found themselves included in the clip.

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