Street fighter challenges UFC fighter, claims ‘cardio issues’ saved pro from being his 201st victim

Ahead of Chris Curtis’ UFC London bout this weekend, video started circulating about the time he was challenged by a guy who supposedly had 200 street fights. Men can typically overestimate their ability to fight — especially those who don’t really train — and that was the case again on this viral video.

As the story goes, the alleged “200-0” street fighter wanted to challenge professional MMA fighters, with Curtis accepting the call. The middleweight has almost 40 professional fights, and is currently undefeated in the UFC at 3-0.

Watch the video below, as the UFC fighter took on a fat “street fighter”.

Curtis decided to be very nice, going extremely light and just calmly displayed how far the skill gap was.

Apparently, the plump novice wasn’t humbled by the experience and started talking smack. He supposedly said he could’ve knocked out the UFC fighter if it wasn’t for his “cardio” issues.

Curtis faces Jack Hermansson on short notice this weekend. No word yet if has already recovered from coming thisclose to getting knocked out, if it wasn’t for that pesky cardio issue.