Lyon to take on Barcelona at UEFA Women’s Champions League final in Budapest

Lyon will face-off with Barcelona in the UEFA Women’s Champions League final at the Ferencvaros Stadium in Budapest, on May 18. Barcelona are in their first UEFA final but Lyon will be seeking a fourth consecutive European crown.

A showdown is expected during Saturday’s clash as the two opposing teams will be eyeing for a win. The Catalan giants, who finished second in their league this season, won with Bayern Munich 1-0 in the semi-finals in April, while Lyon secured a 1-1 draw against Chelsea.

Performance is key

Each of the teams stands a chance of taking the trophy home but their performance will determine who wins. Both the Catalans and Lyon will need to employ new tactics to carry the coveted title. Their past performance and presence of talented players will also play a role in determining the winner.

We take a look at the two teams and analyze some of the factors that will influence who wins.

Lyon’s performance

Lyon have won four of the last five matches they played. Reynald Pedros’ side beat Lille 3-1 in their last encounter in May. Lyon finished first after winning 20 times in the 22 matches they played during the 2018/19 season in Division 1. Lyon’s performance history is an indication that they will be a mountain to climb for the Catalans during Saturday’s encounter.

Barcelona’s stats

Barcelona have won 25 out of 30 games they played in the 2018/2019 season. Lluis Cortes’ side who finished second in the Primera Division Femenina have won four of their last five matches. They were defeated 1-0 by Atlético Granadilla in the last game they played in May.

The Catalans will be going into Saturday’s game with high hopes of beating the defending champions. However, it will not be an easy task as they will be taking on a highly capable opponent. The battle of wits between Pedros and Cortes will determine who emerges victorious in this year’s finals.

Lyon vs Barcelona h2h

Reynald Pedros’ side beat Barcelona in their last two meetings. Barcelona lost to Lyon 1-0 when the two clubs faced each other a year ago. Based on the above history, it may seem that the Catalans stand no chance against Pedros’ side but the final could go either way. Saturday’s game is expected to be highly competitive as each team will be looking to grab a point in the must-win match for each side.

Lyon’s Eugénie Le Sommer to cause trouble for Barcelona

Lyon’s forward Eugenie Le Sommer has scored 28 goals for Lyon this season which includes six goals in the Women’s Champions League. Her presence in Saturday’s match will be a big boost for Lyon, as she has proven before what she is capable of. Sommer’s skills and goal-scoring ability will make Lyon’s rivals sweat. The Catalans’ defense will need to show their A-game in order to prevent the 30-year-old forward from reaching their goal area.

Lyon are the favorites to win

Judging from the above history, Lyon have better odds of winning in the Saturday’s clash. However, anything could happen during the finals. The Catalans could turn the tables and surprise Lyon at the Ferencvaros Stadium. We will be waiting to see what happens at the blow of the final whistle.

Photo by Visem via Wikicommons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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