JudoInside – News – PSG Judo takes the double in France, with Teddy Riner

Teddy Riner won for the first time since joining PSG Judo the French Team Championship on Saturday in Villebon-sur-Yvette. PSG took the double for both men and women. PSG Judo, led by Teddy Riner, beat FLAM 91 in the final with a score of 3-2.

It’s hard to imagine a more thrilling finale. 2-2 between PSG Judo and FLAM 91 before Luca Otmane and Walide Khyar took to the mat. Constantly advancing on his opponent, Khyar, third at the Paris Grand Slam in October, put pressure on a facing Otmane. And on an advance from Khyar, the Parisian threw a makikomi on the fly which unrolled the FLAM 91 judoka on the edge. Waza ari! Then a second a few seconds later, on a variation of kata-guruma which made turn Walide Khyar in the air to make it land on the back. Otmane then threw himself into the arms of an overjoyed Riner. He did the job seriously all day, including in the final, beating Alexandre Iddir on a first yoko-guruma then a clear harai-goshi.

Alpha Djalo opened the scoring with a golden score uchi-mata against Etienne Delvert.

FLAM 91 then came back twice through Francis Damier, winner of Eniel Caroly on the ground and Reda Seddouki, who placed a very clever uki-waza on the left to Benjamin Gomes.

Here is the sacred PSG Judo and twice this Saturday! A perfect day for the club of President Djamel Bouras.

On the third step of the podium, the Sainte Geneviève Sports of Celso Martins and the AJA Paris XX of Alexandre Borderieux.

Riner, 33, drew a positive balance from his first day of competition of 2022.

“I had a good day, but it’s still only the French level, so I will continue to work,” said the ten-time world champion, before planning his next meeting, the Grand Slam. of Budapest (July 8-10).

Supported by a hundred noisy Parisian supporters in the stands of the Grand Dôme, the Guadeloupean took pleasure in this collective adventure: “It’s important to have so much support. We were a group and adventures like that is a real pleasure”, he savored.

For PSG Judo, whose Teddy Riner participated in the revival in 2017, the celebration is complete with the coronation of the women’s team, victorious 3-1 in the Blanc-Mesnil final.

In the Parisian team appeared Marie-Eve Gahié and Romane Dicko, crowned European champions at the beginning of May.

But it was the Tokyo Olympic vice-champion Amandine Buchard (-52kg), who impressed in the final with an ippon made in less than eight seconds. The double is for PSG.