JudoInside – News – Golden Anna Monta Olek wins superclash with Van Heemst

At the Last day of the Junior World Championships in Olbia bot the favourites Anna Monta Olek (GER) and Yael Van Heemst (NED) qualified for the first final U78kg. For both it presented a potentially very special moment, since it could be Germany’s first gold medal in Olbia and for Van Heemst it would be a great confirmation of the good form of the Dutch delegation which has already won one gold and one silver medal.

Whatever the results would be, the two athletes dominated the preliminary rounds with consistency and concentration. Olek and Van Heemst knew one another quite well already. They met a few weeks ago during the Junior European Championships, in the final and the German judoka won. Every time they have met in the youth, there was a plan how to approach each-other and this year Olek is on top.

Once again Anna Monta Olek executed the perfect final, scoring a first waza-ari with her right-handed uchi-mata, followed immediately on the floor for ippon.

Anna Monta Olek said, “It was the same final as the European Championships. We are now starting to know each other so before the final I said to myself, ‘do exactly the same as last time.’ I did it and it worked. On top of that, Germany got a bronze.

The second German competitor of the category, Raffaela Igl, was also present in the final block. She faced Yelyzaveta Lytvynenko (UKR) for a place on the podium and after a nice piece of groundwork pinned down her opponent for ippon and the bronze medal.

In the second bronze medal contest, Liz Ngelebeya (FRA) was opposed to Eliza Ramos (BRA). With less than one minute to go, Ngelebeya scored waza-ari and seemed in a good position to win but a few seconds later Eliza Ramos also scored with an o-soto-gari for waza-ari. It was time for golden score, in a match that was more undecided than ever. It was eventually Ramos who scored the second and liberating waza-ari to win the bronze medal.