Karen Slowe Cup: The Slowe family arrives in Ghana

The Slowe family was welcomed to Ghana for the Karen Slowe Cup by some handball enthusiasts who were at the Kotoka International Airport to greet them yesterday evening.

It is the second iteration of the event, and it will take place from Monday, August 15, to Saturday, August 20, 2022.
The opening ceremony day has been set for Tuesday, August 16th.
Our performing musicians for the day will be Tuntum and King Prinz, with Nana Agyeman Opamboum I serving as the special guest of honour.

Legonite Men and Cantonment Youth Women took first place in the inaugural competition.

They discussed the tournament’s significance to their late mother with the event’s organizers. We decided to work with other people to create Cantonment Youth because “our mother loves the game and will always visit Ghana to watch the teams play.” We will watch the game as a family for the first time and hope to see Ghanaian handball of the same calibre as in the past.

This year’s competition will feature 10 teams total—5 security service teams and 5 civilian teams. The men’s division has ten teams, while the women’s division has seven.

Experience the charm of modern handball at the Slowe Cup 2022.

About Kweku Duodu

I’m a sports fanatic who is particularly enthusiastic about three big sports in Ghana and around the world: handball, triathlon, and hockey.
With my sports knowledge, I usually find myself doing my part to aid in the development of sports wherever I go.
My sporting principle is that the spirit of sports isn’t about winning, but about fair play.

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