2022 Winter Cup | Men’s Event Finals Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the men’s event finals at the 2022 Winter Cup, held in Frisco, Texas!

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FX– Ian Lasic-Ellis 27.700
PH– Khoi Young 29.631
SR– Alex Diab 29.590
VT– Asher Hong 32.860
PB– Curran Phillips 32.986
HB– Jack Freeman HB 27.850


FX– Garrett Schooley 12.750
PH– Garrett Schooley 13.300
SR– David Shamah 13.400
VT– Chase Mondi 14.250
PB– David Shamah 13.700
HB– Vahe Petrosyan 13.200

8:53 pm. Yul Moldauer FX: Saw the flairs and a 2.5 to front layout, double full side pass, and triple full at the end, a little short in rotation.

Instead of seeing the beginning of his routine, we were watching a REPLAY OF A P-BARS ROUTINE THAT GOT A 9.6.

8:50 pm. Alex Diab FX: Front full to double front, strong! Randi with a small hop back. Double layout, super arched in the air. Love his strength hold and transition into the Japanese press! Triple full was a bit messy and short, but he sneaks out the landing.

The stream just cut to Colt Walker AFTER he saluted on his dismount from HB, good work!!!

8:49 pm. Fuzzy Benas SR: Saltos to pike hold that he presses to handstand, strong, a little adjustment on the handstand after that, some form on the double double but a decent landing.

8:47 pm. Cole Partridge FX: FX: Looked like a whip or two whips to full-in I think? I wasn’t paying attention at first. Double double with a hop back. 2.5 to front tuck. Front full side pass. Triple full to finish was short in rotation, ankle cruncher of a landing, sadly. Hands down. 10.800 (3.9, 7.200, -0.3)

8:45 pm. Jeremy Bischoff FX: 2.5 to front layout, double full side pass, think he had a front double full at the end. 12.950 (5.6, 7.350)

Mathew Davis PB: Had to muscle up a pretty short handstand at one point, nothing else majorly wrong that I saw…stuck the piked double back. 13.150 (4.7, 8.450)

8:44 pm. Colin Van Wicklen SR: Maltese, inverted heng pressed back to maltese to iron cross, swings through to his saltos up to iron cross, overcooked that and had to adjust, invert hang is a little crooked, to pike, swings up to handstand, pretty solid, second one arches over a bit, full-in half-out dismount with a good landing. 13.300 (5.6, 7.700)

8:43 pm. Khoi Young HB: Straddle Tkachev, blind change to front giant, tak, Endo, stalder, full-twisting double layout with a deep landing and a hop back. 13.400 (4.4, 9.000)

8:41 pm. Fred Richard FX: Again, only saw a double full and the ending triple full. 13.400 (5.7, 7.700)

Mike Fletcher SR: Iron cross, down to invert hang, to pike, then back up to handstand, swings through to another handstand, a little shaky, dobule double with two steps forward. 12.750 (4.5, 8.250)

Asher Hong PB: We missed him AGAIN. We saw him vault tonight, and nothing else. 14.605 (6.0, 8.500 – real score 14.500).

8:40 pm. Zachary Nunez SR: I didn’t see a ton, he was pretty muscly trying to get a handstand up, saltos to handstand were much better though. Stuck the double double! 12.900 (4.7, 8.200)

Curran Phillips HB: Caught the first release but the stream cut in before he took off so only saw the catch, then a straddle Tkachev, blind change to front giant, tak full was a little iffy, tak half a little late, stalder, hop giant, full-twisting double layout stuck. 13.657 (5.7, 7.850, bonus)

8:38 pm. Isaiah Drake FX: Only showed a double full side pass and a solid triple full at the end. 11.550 (5.3, 6.550, -0.3)

Michael Jaroh VT: Kaz 1.5 with a big lunge forward, and a balance check. Tons of power! 14.000 (5.2, 8.800)

8:37 pm. Raydel Gamboa SR: Maltese, through to handstand, kinda falls out of it but pushes back up, saltos to pike sit, took him a second to work his way there, arched over the next handstand, last one is better, double double with a hop back. 12.550 (4.7, 7.850)

8:35 pm. David Shamah PH: Kicked off his final routine with a nice hit set! 13.150 (4.9, 8.250)

Ian Gunther HB: Only saw some front elements, then the full-twisting double layout, went SUPER high and kinda lose to the bar but landed it well, small step. 13.850 (4.8, 9.050)

Nicolas Kuebler FX: Double full, and stuck the arabian double front half-out on his toes with a wobble. 13.600 (5.5, 8.100)

Michael Artlip VT: Yurchenko double with a hop back.

8:34 pm. Junior champions after five rotations…

FX– Garrett Schooley 12.750
SR– David Shamah 13.400
VT– Chase Mondi 14.250
PB– David Shamah 13.700
HB– Vahe Petrosyan 13.200

8:28 pm. Leading after five rotations…

FX– Ian Lasic-Ellis 27.700
PH– Khoi Young 29.631
SR– Alex Diab 29.590
VT– Asher Hong 32.860
PB– Curran Phillips 32.986
HB– Jack Freeman HB 27.850

8:26 pm. Just got a replay of Paul Juda’s vault, SUPER clean kaz 1.5 with a tiny hop.

Taylor Burkhart PB: Basket to handstand, super clean, half turn out, also solid, ugh, bends his legs and they come apart a little on a Healy, good job getting it back under control, straddle salto, Tippelt, one-arm half, piked double back with a little shuffle. 13.400 (5.0, 8.400)

8:24 pm. Cole Partridge HB: One-arm front giant, tak half was almost horizontal, big Kolman, hop full, layout Tkachev with some bent legs as he released, straddle Tkachev, full-twisting double layout with a baby hop. 11.650 (4.9, 6.750)

8:22 pm. Ian Lasic-Ellis went 14.550 on PB! 5.6, 8.950. He’s at a 69.100 so far today, if he can perform on high bar similar to what he did on Friday I think he’ll get close to an 83 AA! With NO bonus!

8:21 pm. Mike Fletcher PH: Solid routine! Didn’t look like a ton of difficulty but very nice work. 13.200 (4.8, 8.400)

Landen Blixt PH; Also not a super difficult routine and he bent his knees fully a few times throughout…it ultimately took him off at one point. 10.950 (4.7, 6.250)

8:19 pm. Paul Juda with a 14.800 on vault (5.2, 9.600)! Crew Bold before him with a 13.600 (5.2, 8.500, -0.1)

8:18 pm. Michael Jaroh SR: Invert pike up to pike hold, he was SUPER piked on the invert! Good handstand before his saltos through to a straddle hold, presses up to handstand, maybe a little arched, double double stuck with his feet apart. Good! 13.450 (5.0, 8.450)

8:17 pm. Isaiah Drake HB: Saw some circle elements, mostly decent handstands out of them, and a super clean stuck full-twisting double layout. 11.500 (4.3, 7.200)

Zachary Nunez PH: Strong work in this routine, he’s just so smooth on everything. Some leg form in the dismount, but overall this was VERY nice. 13.750 (4.9, 8.850)

8:13 pm. Asher Hong VT: Finally seeing him! Kaz 2.5, not rotated all the way around again, he does that really quick step to cover up being short on it though so I’m sure they’ll give it to him. 16.180 (6.0, 8.400, real score 14.400)

8:12 pm. Colt Walker PB: Also cut into this one late, had a strong Tippelt, good handstand but then went into a half turn and didn’t show a ton of control there, solid double front dismount. 12.600 (5.8, 6.800)

8:11 pm. Fuzzy Benas PH: Only saw the last quarter but what we saw was good! 12.450 (5.4, 7.050)

8:10 pm. Should be moving into the fifth rotation in a second! I feel like they have shown Asher Hong literally zero times?

8:04 pm. Leading after four rotations…

FX– Ian Lasic-Ellis 27.700
PH– Khoi Young 29.631
SR– Alex Diab 29.590
VT– Khoi Young 30.238
PB– Yul Moldauer 31.336
HB– Jack Freeman HB 27.850

Junior champions after four rotations…

SR– David Shamah 13.400
VT– Chase Mondi 14.250
PB– David Shamah 13.700
HB– Vahe Petrosyan 13.200

8:03 pm. Riley Loos VT: Just went back and showed this as well, handspring randi with some leg form especially near the end, but good landing.

8:02 pm. Khoi Young VT: They just went back and did a quick replay of this, looked like a Yurchenko half on, maybe front double full off? I feel like that’s what I saw. Landed a little iffy with a bounce to the side but lots of power on that.

8:01 pm. Ooh, Asher Hong 14.766 on rings…5.9, 8.500, real score would be 14.400.

8:00 pm. Paul Juda SR: Cut in really late to this but he piked down his full-twisting double layout dismount, had a small hop as well.

Jeremy Bischoff PB: Lost his leg form at one point and looked like he hit them on the bars, handstand out of that was really short. A couple other smaller handstand issues, front half and straddle salto were both good, now he’s looking less rushed and a bit more in control. Good Tippelt, one-arm half turn, and a full-in double back dismount.

7:58 pm. Feel like we missed a lot this rotation…looking back at scores now, and Raydel Gamboa got a 14.000 on floor (5.2, 8.800), Michael Jaroh with a 13.750 on pommels (5.4, 8.350), Riley Loos with a 15.097 on vault (5.6, 8.900, real score 14.500), Khoi Young 14.994 on vault (5.4, 9.350, real score 14.750).

7:57 pm. Ian Lasic-Ellis VT: Think he did a kaz double, looked like he landed with one foot OOB. 13.350 (4.8, 8.650, -0.1)

7:56 pm. Vahe Petrosyan HB: Yamawaki to Endo, tak, L grip front giant, tak half, a little short of handstand, straddle Tkachev, full-twisting double layout, stuck on his feet but wobbled his arms a bit.

Matt Cormier PH: Only showed the dismount.

7:54 pm. Nicolas Kuebler PB: Stuck the double front at the end but that’s all I saw. 13.500 (4.9, 8.600)

7:50 pm. Fuzzy Benas FX: Front double full to barani, 2.5 to front tuck full, little hop to the side, looked like he was a tiny bit lost in the air on that one. Triple full at the end had a hop as well, and probably some ankle form. 12.750 (5.4, 7.350)

Yul Moldauer PB: Only saw the double front half dismount, but he came off looking happy. 15.793 (6.6, 8.200) – real score would be 14.800

Curran Phillips VT: STUCK THE SHEWFELT!!! Okay sir. 14.900 (5.2, 9.700)!!!!!!!!!!

7:48 pm. Colt Walker VT: I THINK he did a handspring randi but I missed the intro. Looked like a 2.5 off, though! Decent with the legs in the air and went OOB. 15.247 (5.6, 9.150, -0.1, bonus)

7:46 pm. Evan Davis PH: Scissors to handstand, nice! One-arm swing, works efficiently on the single handle, did like one little set of Russians on the other handle, some knee bend at times and his hips are a little too closed, good transition into the dismount! 12.950 (5.2, 7.750)

Landen Blixt FX: We only saw the end of course, wild on his triple full, took him OOB. 12.850 (5.0, 7.950, -0.1)

7:41 pm. Senior EF leaders after three rotations…

FX– Ian Lasic Ellis 27.700
PH– Khoi Young 29.631
SR– Alex Diab 29.590
VT– Colin Van Wicklen 29.744
PB– Raydel Gamboa 28.100
HB– Jack Freeman 27.850

7:40 pm. Junior parallel bars champ is David Shamah with a 13.700!

7:37 pm. Mike Fletcher HB: Cassina! Nice. German giants. Nice full-twisting double layout with a step forward.

Paul Juda got a 13.550 on pommels (5.0, 8.550).

7:36 pm. Khoi Young SR: Pike sit pressed out to straddle planche, shaky in the handstand after, next one is a little tighter at first, saltos through to straddle hold, stuck the dismount! Pretty good stuff in there.

7:35 pm. Ian Lasic-Ellis SR: Only caught the end, stuck the double double cold! I think he’s having a pretty excellent day. 13.750 (5.0, 8.750)

Nicolas Kuebler VT: Kaz full with a hop to the side OOB. 13.200 (4.8, 8.700, -0.3)

Zachary Nunez HB: One-arm front giant, layout Tkachev though it was a bit piked, straddle Tkachev was strong, stalder, inbar, blind change to Endo to forward inbar, really lovely on that stalder work. Clean full-twisting double layout with a small hop. 13.000 (4.5, 8.500)

7:34 pm. Michael Artlip FX: First pass I saw was kinda iffy, looked like he tucked a bit but I didn’t see what it was. Then a front…full I think to double front, may have been just a front layout, I’ve already forgotten. Full-in for the pass after that. Hit the next couple of passes, my memory is nonexistent. Layout side pass. 2.5 at the end had a little wobble on his toes. 12.750 (4.9, 7.850)

7:33 pm. Alex Diab VT: Here it is! Handspring pike double front, hard to see his leg from from straight-on but they looked a little bent, he also landed pretty deep and took a big hop to the side OOB.

7:32 pm. Raydel Gamboa HB: I hate that we’re missing every release and only seeing circle elements…but his looked fine, double double dismount was a bit low and forward with a big step. 11.450 (5.3, 6.450, -0.3)

7:30 pm. Haven’t missed anything big yet, I don’t think…Isaiah Drake with a 14.100 on vault (5.2, 8.900) but that’s about it in terms of bigger scores. Oh, and Riley Loos with a 14.150 on rings 5.6, 8.550).

7:28 pm. Jack Freeman HB: Caught it at the front circles, also saw a back stalder, full-twisting double layout was stuck. Good job! WOW, 14.500 (5.4, 9.100)!!!

7:26 pm. Yul Moldauer VT: Stuck the crap out of the kaz 1.5! Maybe some leg form but I wasn’t too focused on that, the landing dazzled me too much to pay attention. Am I an NCAA judge?! 14.150 (5.2, 8.950)

Alex Diab VT: Apparently did the handspring double front pike, though the stream didn’t show it! 14.297 (5.6, 8.400, -0.3, 0.597 bonus)

7:25 pm. Taylor Burkhart SR: Was good at the beginning, nothing majorly off, shook a bit in the last handstand and landed the double double a little crooked with a hop back. 13.450 (4.9, 8.550)

Fuzzy Benas HB: Only saw the dismount, double double layout with a hop. 13.450 (5.4, 8.050)

7:24 pm. Cole Partridge VT: Kaz full, landed it fine, not the best off the table. 13.350 (4.8, 8.550)

7:22 pm. Jeremy Bischoff VT: Yurchenko double, some leg form and a hop to the side. 13.800 (4.8, 9.000)

Landen Blixt HB: Stalder layout Tkachev! Love that. Straddle Tkachev, stalder, blind change, Endo, some L grip front giants, hop full, dismounts with a full-twisting double layout, stuck!

7:18 pm. They were like “who needs Asher Hong” again after this rotation but he got a 13.479 on floor (6.0, 7.250, 0.229 bonus). Looks like he had a fall according to Twitter.

Michigan guys are here, by the way! Paul Juda did FX this rotation (13.6), and last rotation, he got a 14.2 on HB (5.2, 9.000) while Crew Bold got a 13.316 (5.9, 7.050, bonus) – Bold didn’t do floor.

7:16 pm. Event leaders after two rotations…

FX– Ian Lasic-Ellis 27.700
PH– Khoi Young 29.631
SR– Alex Diab 29.590
VT– Colin Van Wicklen 29.744
PB– Raydel Gamboa 28.100
HB– Michael Jaroh 27.200

These scores include bonus.

Junior champions after two rotations…

SR– David Shamah 13.400
VT– Chase Mondi 14.250

7:14 pm. Isaiah Drake SR: Maltese to inverted hang, up to straddle planche, pike hold through to handstand, saltos up to pike hold, presses to handstand, swinging a bit, good handstand after, ugh, double double looks like he twists TOWARD the ground, that was so weird…crashed it.

7:13 pm. We didn’t see Alex Diab on rings but he got a 15.145 with bonus…or a 14.250 without bonus (6.2, 8.050)

7:12 pm. Ian Lasic-Ellis PH: Scissors to handstand, good, single pommel swings are nice, some ankle separation as he starts transitioning down to the horse, but cleans it up quickly, some hip angle stuff but overall solid, gets the dismount with no trouble. 13.400 (4.8, 8.600)

7:11 pm. Michael Artlip HB: Front giants into a tak half, Kolman was nice, Kovacs also strong, blind change to front circles, then stalder once he’s back to backwards, full-twisting double layout, absorbs the landing nicely. 12.200 (5.0, 7.200)

7:10 pm. Yul Moldauer SR: Beginning went well, had a really nice maltese, inverted hang back up to maltese, through to iron cross, swinging a tiny bit, inverted hang into his salto elements to iron cross, opens his palms, inverted hang to pike, through to handstands, didn’t hold the first at all so swings back through and tries again, double double layout, some form in the air and a little low with a step forward. 14.222 (6.0, 7.700, bonus)

7:09 pm. We just saw a replay on high bar that looked really strong but no idea who it was…Kazuki Hayashi maybe? He got a 13.350 (5.0, 8.350)

7:08 pm. Junior vault has wrapped up! I believe Chase Mondi from Emerald City Gymnastics will take the title with a 14.250.

7:07 pm. Jack Freeman PB: Everything I saw at the beginning was clean but then arched way over on a half turn in handstand, had to walk his hands forward to correct it. Piked double back was good. 12.450 (4.9, 7.550)

7:06 pm. Mathew Davis FX: Flew a bit wild on his randi to start. Whip to arabian double front, stuck it at first but then after a pause hopped back. Rudi side pass. 1.5 to front tuck full. Ooh, NICE stick on the 2.5 at the end! 13.200 (5.4, 7.800)

7:05 pm. Taylor Burkhart PH: Suuuuuper aggressive routine from him! Especially on his flair work. 12.850 (5.0, 7.850)

7:04 pm. Cole Partridge SR: Pike hold presses to handstand, lots of little form things there, double tuck to double pike up to handstand, a bit muscled and shaky, double double a little low with a step. 12.600 (4.4, 8.200)

7:03 pm. Ignacio Yockers FX: Just saw the triple full at the end, a little short and low with a step. 10.500 (4.0, 6.800, -0.3)

7:01 pm. Jeremy Bischoff SR: A litte iffy in his saltos to handstand but it’s just small form things, double double dismount was stuck! Very nice. 13.100 (4.6, 8.500)

6:59 pm. Khoi Young PH: Clean one-arm swing, made it up to handstand for a little walk around and then came back down but very quickly rolled over onto his back on the horse and flew off. BUMMER!!! At least he made the national team via AA because I think this routine would have been his ticket otherwise. The rest looks pretty solid when he gets back on. 14.289 (6.1, 7.700)

6:57 pm. Warmups wrapping up for rotation two!

Getting a replay of Asher Hong’s high bar now. Caught the Kolman really close, Kovacs also caught, and the layout Tkachev as well. Playing it a lot more conservative with how he throws those releases. Straddle Tkachev, German giants into a stalder, arched on the handstand out of the toe-on, and nearly stuck the double double layout. Really solid set!

6:53 pm. Event titles are decided by two-event scores. I think so far, Ian Lasic-Ellis leads floor, Yul Moldauer leads pommels, Colin Van Wicklen leads vault, Michael Jaroh leads p-bars, and Mathew Davis leads high bar, but obviously still a lot of ground to cover.

Junior rings title should go to David Shamah of WOGA with a 13.400.

6:52 pm. They just started showing a replay of Asher Hong’s HB, but only showed a single giant and then cut away. Good job! Phenomenal. He got a 12.450 (5.6, 6.850)

6:51 pm. Michael Artlip PB: Some loose form on the front straddle salto, basket up to handstand was clean, Healy, half turn out, pike hold, all pretty solid. Presses to handstand, piked double back with a little bounce.

6:49 pm. Raydel Gamboa VT: Kaz full, pretty solid. 14.050 (4.8, 9.250)

6:48 pm. Colt Walker FX: I think he did a 2.5 into the double front, a little rough on the landing there, then front double full to front layout. Double full side pass, good. Arabian double front half-out.

6:46 pm. Garrett Braunton PB: Rushed but ultimately Makuts, legs went a little weird on his front straddle salto, Tippelt with a little arch but good correction, half turn out started bending at the hips, muscled it back before the piked double back, small hop. 12.450 (5.5, 6.950)

Yul Moldauer PH: Caught it just before his flairs, super quick and steady work here. Just a slight muscle into the dismount but everything I saw was hit. 14.689 (6.1, 8.100, bonus in there)

6:45 pm. Taylor Burkhart FX: Saw a good double full and then some flairs and a Japanese press. After that it’s just the triple full, legs are a bit weak and he’s low on the past, has to step. 12.750 (5.6, 7.150)

Fuzzy Benas VT: Kaz 1.5, leg form but a decent landing. 14.250 (5.2, 9.050)

Jack Freeman VT: Kaz full, pretty solid. 13.900 (4.8, 9.100)

6:42 pm. Riley Loos FX: Caught it from his Russians, then he fell out of a strength hold after and repeated. Double full side pass, stuck. Triple full at the end was a little wild. 13.750 (5.5, 8.250)

Jeremy Bischoff PH: They only showed the dismount, whoever is doing the cuts for this stream needs to get their life together. 12.300 (5.5, 6.800)

6:41 pm. Kazuki Hayashi PB: Some decent handstand work early on, also hit a salto, Healy, then a half turn out that was a bit arched in handstand, a little elbow bend in a press to handstand, piked double back was stuck with a slight adjustment. 13.250 (5.0, 8.250)

6:40 pm. Matt Cormier PB: I saw most of this and didn’t see anything major but he did have a big stumble on the double front dismount. 11.500 (5.0, 6.500)

Fred Richard PH: Looked good when I saw him start, but then he lost his leg form going into the dismount and ended up flying right off, assume he is gonna repeat that but the stream cut away from him. 12.421 (5.9, 6.300, bonus)

6:39 pm. Colin Van Wicklen VT: Dragulescu, wild on the landing, and has to take two big steps back to control it. 14.897 (5.6, 8.700, bonus)

6:38 pm. Mike Fletcher VT: Kaz 1.5, went a little wild in the air, OOB on the landing. 14.050 (5.2, 8.950, -0.1)

6:37 pm. Isaiah Drake PH: Looked like he had a fall before I started watching/knowing anything was going on. Back on for Russians, then travels back and forth well, not too muscled into the dismount. 11.750 (5.0, 6.750)

Ian Lasic-Ellis FX: Literally only saw the triple full at the end. 14.050 (5.7, 8.350)

6:32 pm. Warmups for the first rotation are about halfway done!

6:30 pm. Time for MAG event finals! Seniors and juniors compete in tonight’s session. The meet is being streamed on FlipNow, and live scores are on MyUSAGym. Maybe. We’ll see. If they decide to work.