2022 U.S. Classic | WAG Junior Session 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the second junior women’s session  at the 2022 U.S. Classic, held in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Jayla Hang 52.800
2. Hezly Rivera 52.450
3. Audrey Snyder 51.450
4. Kieryn Finnell 51.050
5. Annalisa Milton 50.400
– Izzy Stassi 50.400
7. Michelle Pineda 50.300
8. Claire Pease 49.950
– Payton Chandler 49.950
10. Malea Milton 49.800

2:30 pm. Christina Shelton FX: Double pike with a hop back. Clean 1.5 to front layout. Double pike, pretty clean, got bouncy on the landing, a couple of steps back.

2:28 pm. Anabelle Dewey FX: Arabian double front with a bounce forward OOB. Full-in with a step forward. Step on the double pike. Hit the last pass with a step.

Michelle Pineda VT: FTY, really clean with a small bounce.

2:27 pm. Carly Weinberg VT: Yurchenko layout half, not bad! Small step forward.

2:24 pm. Sydney Snyder FX: Triple full is really deep on the landing. 2.5 to front tuck also lands pretty low but not as bad. Hit the last pass.

Payton Chandler VT: FTY, a little forward on the landing, big step. Also does a Yurchenko layout.

2:22 pm. Touch for the second half of the final rotation!

2:19 pm. Taylor McMahon FX: Double pike set was a bit low, lands with her chest at her knees. 2.5 with a hop forward. Sneaks the last turn in her wolf turn around. 1.5 to front full. Good landing there.

2:15 pm. Lacie Saltzmann FX: Good double pike at the start. I missed the rest, because some exciting news…

Jayla Hang’s DTY got a 14.150 which gives her a 52.800 AA, taking over the lead from Hezly Rivera!

2:14 pm. Jayla Hang VT: Ooh, really nice DTY! That was solid. Big lunge back but looked good in the air.

2:12 pm. Jazmyn Jimenez FX: Double pike with a really strong landing. Hit the next couple of passes really well.

Kelise Woolford VT: Big FTY with a hop.

2:11 pm. Norah Christian VT: Went for a DTY for her second vault, they have the option of doing two here and the second can count for AA apparently? A bit deep, not as clean as the full, but not bad, either.

2:10 pm. Norah Christian VT: FTY with a step back.

Audrey Snyder FX: Hit everything I saw.

Internet seems to be back, so fingers crossed I can actually pay attention to routines!

2:09 pm. I lost internet completely and when I refreshed the blog, I lost every single update from the second half of the third rotation!!!!

1:49 pm. Touch for the second half of the rotation!

1:46 pm. Jazmyn Jimenez BB: Really long wait for her. Full wolf turn, kinds drops her foot but doesn’t cause a problem. Hit the flight series very well. Front aerial with a break at the hips. Hit the jump series. Hit the double full dismount.

1:40 pm. Audrey Snyder BB: Full turn, stumble on the bhs loso loso, side aerial, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump. Nice switch to sissone. Think she had a double tuck dismount? Hit it!

1:38 pm. Norah Christian FX: Full-in with a small step. Arabian double front with a hop back. Lovely Popa. High double tuck but lands forward, stumble on the landing. 12.400

1:34 pm. Michelle Pineda FX: I wasn’t typing during this but she hit everything I saw, just a bit low on the double pike at the end. 12.500

Christina Shelton BB: Hit an aerial to jump series. Think she hit everything, really high double tuck dismount with a step back. 11.550

1:30 pm. Anabelle Dewey BB: Hit a leap mount and her jump series. Off on her bhs loso. Front aerial to split jump was nice. Standing back tuck. Double pike, chest a bit forward, step back. 11.300

Carly Weinberg FX: Double pike goes a bit wild on the landing, OOB. Front layout front full with a bounce. Double tuck, a bit low with a bounce back. 11.750

1:27 pm. Moving to rotation three!

1:25 pm. Nicole Desmond UB: Off on her straddle Jaeger. Toe full, Pak with leg separation, toe shoot, toe half, and a double pike almost to her knees, rolls out of it. 8.550

Kelise Woolford BB: Wasn’t paying close attention at the beginning had a little wobble that I saw on one skill but others were solid. Not a bad routine! Double full dismount. 12.550

1:22 pm. Simone Rose BB: Switch leap mount, switch leap to straddle jump to back tuck, lovely. Double wolf turn. Excellent flight series. Wobbled on a front aerial. 2.5 with a small hop. 13.250

Lacie Saltzmann UB: Maloney to bail to grea handstand into the toe shoot. Blind full, blind change, straddle Jaeger, small hop on the double layout. 12.150

1:20 pm. Jazmyn Jimenez UB: Nice handstand before the toe full (ankle separation) to Maloney to Pak. Hit everything else in the routine, step on the dismount. 11.750

1:18 pm. Audrey Snyder UB: Blind full, a little rushed into the straddle Jaeger to Pak, leg form. Toe-on to van Leeuwen, blind change to front giant half, double layout with a hop. 12.300

Norah Christian BB: Fell on a combo early on. hit a punch front and back tuck. Double tuck with a step back. 11.750

1:13 pm. Second half of the rotation is going to warmups now.

1:12 pm. Michelle Pineda BB: Bhs loso loso, a little low on the losos with her chest but solid. Front aerial to a jump into the Korbut. Sissone to wolf jump, nice. Onodi was a little off center, but she corrects, no big issues. Good double full with a hop back. 12.600

1:08 pm. Carly Weinberg BB: Had a good Onodi, bhs loso loso, looks really good so far! Double full with a bounce. That was an excellent set for her. 12.650

Christina Shelton UB: Wasn’t typing but hit routine! 11.400

1:03 pm. Payton Chandler BB: Double wolf turn, bhs loso was good, I’m so far away and keep missing everything but she hit everything else I saw. 12.550

Anabelle Dewey UB: Maloney to Pak (suuuper arched, caught close), toe-on, toe shoot, a little wild in the pirouette, caught her piked Jaeger with her ankles but stayed on the bar, layout dismount. 9.400

1:02 pm. Sydney Snyder UB: Off on her release at the start, back on for a toe full to Pak, hit the rest, very clean double tuck. 11.050

12:59 pm. Jayla Hang BB: Hit her mount. Had a wobble on the loso series and hit the dismount. Hit routine! 13.200 (5.2 D)

Taylor McMahon UB: Blind change to front giant to pretty nice straddle Jaeger, Pak with some leg separation, shoot back to high, blind full almost to handstand, hit the dismount. 11.300

12:54 pm. Moving on to rotation two!

From this session, the leaders are…

Jazmyn Jimenez 13.5
Audrey Snyder 13.2
Anabelle Dewey 13.2
Sydney Snyder 13.05
Simone Rose 12.9

12:52 pm. Norah Christian UB: Maloney to Pak, stalder to van Leeuwen, some leg form, had a full pirouette and piked Jaeger, really close, and she sat the dismount sadly. 9.9

12:50 pm. Michelle Pineda UB: I think a Maloney to Pak to start, toe-on to toe shoot, blind change to Jaeger, blind full, and a double pike, stuck! 12.0

12:49 pm. Jazmyn Jimenez VT: FTY with a big bounce into a lunge. 13.5

12:48 pm. Audrey Snyder VT: FTY with a lunge back. 13.2

12:46 pm. Christina Shelton VT: Good FTY with a bounce back. 12.75

Carly Weinberg UB: Clear hip, blind full to Pak, some leg separation, toe-on to toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, and a good double layout! Looks MUCH better than at American Classic! 10.7

12:45 pm. Touch for the second half of rotation one!

12:42 pm. Payton Chandler UB: Toe on to toe full to Chow to Pak, nice turn in handstand before the stalder to Ray, blind change to front giant half, and a high clean double tuck, nearly stuck. 12.45

12:39 pm. Jayla Hang UB: Lovely Ricna, Pak, went a little wild on a pirouette on the low bar, toe-on to Ray, double layout with a small step forward. 12.7

Anabelle Dewey VT: FTY with a big step back. 13.2

12:38 pm. Sydney Snyder VT: FTY, not bad! 13.05

12:35 pm. Taylor McMahon VT: Yurchenko layout, not bad, pikes it down a bit. May be credited as a pike. 11.75

Kelise Woolford UB: Think I saw a Pak early on, looked like a short handstand after, van Leeuwen, blind change to big straddle Jaeger, arches over a handstand and falls out of it, has to start her swing again, kip cast back to handstand for a stalder to full-in with a step. 11.3

12:33 pm. Lacie Saltzmann VT: Handspring front tuck, looked really clean! 12.3

Simone Rose UB: Good Tkachev, great handstand before the clear hip to blind full to blind change to staddleback, toe-on to toe shoot, caught a little close. Double layout with a small hop back. 12.9

12:28 pm. Juniors are about to begin touch for their first events!

VT– Saltzmann, McMahon, S. Snyder, Dewey, Shelton, A. Snyder, Jimenez

UB– Rose, Woolford, Hang, Chandler, Weinberg, Pineda, Christian