2022 U.S. Championships | Senior MAG Day 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the second day of senior men’s competition at the 2022 U.S. Championships, held in Tampa, Florida!

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9:27 pm. Final Standings

1. Brody Malone 176.590 (88.942, 87.648)
2. Donnell Whittenburg 171.571 (84.774, 86.797)
3. Asher Hong 171.210 (85.480, 85.730)
4. Fred Richard 169.166 (83.880, 85.286)
5. Yul Moldauer 169.139 (84.276, 84.863)
6. Colt Walker 169.049 (83.846, 85.203)
7. Shane Wiskus 167.429 (84.423, 83.006)
8. Taylor Burkhart 165.425 (82.573, 82.852)

Tonight’s all-around scores without bonus…

1. Brody Malone 86.050
2. Colt Walker 84.150
3. Yul Moldauer 83.750
4. Donnell Whittenburg 83.600
5. Fred Richard 83.350
6. Asher Hong 83.250
7. Shane Wiskus 82.550
8. Taylor Burkhart 82.150

9:24 pm. Colt Walker gets a 14.375 on floor, aka a 14.250 without bonus!

9:23 pm. Fred Richard VT: Didn’t see it but he got a 14.000 (5.2 D)

9:20 pm. Asher Hong HB: Tak half, Kolman, gets it!! Kovacs, nice height, some leg form, but catches! Layout Tkachev, German giants, stalder, inbar, he’s a bit messy in a lot of his circle elements, double double layout dismount, has to tuck it down a lot and punches forward to his hands. 11.050

9:18 pm. Finishing the touch before the second half now! Notably we’ll see Asher Hong on high bar (prayer circle), Colt Walker on floor, and Fred Richard on vault.

9:14 pm. Shane Wiskus HB: Tak, no Cassina tonight, starts with a Kolman, then goes into the layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, blind change to Zou Li Min, Tak full is a little late, Tak half also a little short, stalder, hop full, and a double double layout with a step forward. 13.557 (or a 13.450 without bonus)

9:12 pm. Ian Lasic-Ellis FX: I jumped into this a few seconds too late, missed the first pass and saw that he just landed a little low on the second. 2.5 to front layout with a hop. Double full is stuck. Triple full, almost a little short but just squeaks it around, little hop and his chest forward. 14.150

Before him, a 14.429 aka a 14.2 without bonus from Taylor Burkhart.

9:10 pm. Yul Moldauer PB: Front straddle salto right off the bat, handstand out of it is strong, front tuck half, one-arm pirouette, half pirouette, a bit arched there and on the subsequent pirouette, Makuts gets stuck on the single bar for a second but he adjusts quickly, another salto skill with a half turn, and a double front half with a hop back. 15.342, or a 14.700 without bonus

9:09 pm. Donnell Whittenburg PH: Moving smoothly so far, has some slight hip and leg form breaks at times but it’s nothing extreme. Rushes a little going into the travels, but overall this is a solid set for him. He’ll be happy with that!

9:06 pm. Brody Malone FX: Front layout to front double pike, 2.5 to double front with a strong landing. Double double, almost stuck. Front double full to front layout, a little short. Double full with a hop. Triple full with a hop forward. 15.116 (without bonus, a 14.750)

9:05 pm. Asher Hong is doing an awesome job doing everything he can to take advantage of some mistakes from Brody Malone. So far, when looking at just tonight’s scores, he’s ahead 74.680 to 72.532! Donnell Whittenburg at 73.797 to fight right in between them. That’s with bonus. Without, Hong is at 72.200, Malone is at 71.300, and Whittenburg is at 70.600.

9:02 pm. Rotation 11 Standings

1. Brody Maone 161.474
2. Asher Hong 160.160
3. Donnell Whittenburg 158.571
4. Fred Richard 155.166
5. Colt Walker 154.692
6. Shane Wiskus 153.872
7. Yul Moldauer 153.797
8. Taylor Burkhart 150.996

9:00 pm. Fred Richard SR: Planche to inverted hang, up to iron cross but make it an L sit, salto swings through to L sit, adjusts in both handstands after, double double stuck! 13.450

Curran Phillips with a 13.357 on high bar, aka 13.250 without bonus.

8:59 pm. Cameron Bock with a 13.850 on vault, Riley Loos with a 13.100 on high bar.

8:57 pm. Asher Hong PB: Peach to handstand, Bhavsar, a little adjustment in the handstand on the half pirouette before the Tippelt, has to muscle it up, Makuts had a pause in the handstand on the single bar, double front half is a little low but stuck! 14.955 (without bonus, 14.850)

8:54 pm. Shane Wiskus PB: Jumped into this before I could start typing, had some slight hand adjustments at times, and muscled up a couple of handstands, but nothing severely, little hop on the dismount. 15.049 (without bonus, 14.700)

8:50 pm. Donnell Whittenburg FX: Front double full to double front, pushes forward HARD and takes a step. Double double layout with a little hop. Front full to piked double front with a little hop. 2.5 to front layout, a little arched, but that’s such a badass side pass. Double double with a slight hop. Full-twisting double back, little hop. YES!!!!! 15.695 (aka 14.800)!

8:48 pm. Some scores…Connor McCool with a 13.450 on floor, Garrett Braunton with a 14.050 on vault, Landen Blixt with a 14.200 on vault, Dallas Hale with a 13.950 on p-bars!

8:43 pm. Brody Malone HB: Zou Li Min, Cassina was nice, Kolman also good, maybe a little close, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to piked Tkachev, awesome. Blind change to Tak full, oh NOOOO, muscles it down and finishes in the wrong direction. Tak half, hop full with his legs apart, double double layout with a hop back. Brody making that mistake because he wants his Tak full to be PERFECT is like amazing but also like…you’re gonna have to just finish it a little late lol. 14.375, aka a 13.850 without bonus.

8:42 pm. Yul Moldauer VT: Kaz 1.5, knees are actually pretty bent which is odd for him? He’s usually so extended. Tiniest hop on the landing. 14.400

8:40 pm Colt Walker HB: One-arm front giant, Tak full was a little late, Tak half also slightly late, lovely Kolman, one-arm giant, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, blind change to Yamawaki, double double layout with a hop forward. Very nice work! 13.800

8:36 pm. Rotation 10 Standings

1. Brody Malone 147.102
2. Asher Hong 145.205
3. Donnell Whittenburg 142.876
4. Fred Richard 141.716
5. Colt Walker 140.892
6. Yul Moldauer 139.397
7. Shane Wiskus 138.823
8. Ian Lasic-Ellis 137.600

8:33 pm. Fred Richard PH: Scissors to handstand, a little short, down to a scissor element into circles, Russians between the pommels, flairs look pretty solid, travels in them, has pretty good extension, transitions well to the circles, travels in circles, and goes very smoothly into the dismount. Little adjustment at the end but that was pretty awesome!

8:32 pm. Ian Lasic-Ellis PB: We just got to see his routine but I wasn’t typing, he had a slight arch over on the pirouette to the single rail and then came out of it wildly to almost land on the bar when transitioning back to both. 12.900

8:31 pm. Taylor Burkhart gets a 13.5 on p-bars.

Kameron Nelson with a 14.279 on floor, or a 14.050 without bonus. Nice! I think he also had a nice vault earlier today IIRC.

8:29 pm. Getting a replay of Colt Walker’s p-bars now, they’re acting like it’s happening now, I love that for NBC. Makuts was very nice, turned the giant full SO slowly and came up a little short, tbh it looked pretty to me as he went through it but it’s definitely a mistake hahaha. Tippelt was very clean. Short on another handstand from the half turn at the end, and a hop on the double front dismount.

8:25 pm. Going into the touch for the second half!

Jeremy Bischoff with a 13.750 on floor, nice!

Colt Walker with a 15.049 on p-bars, which is a 14.7 without bonus!

8:23 pm. Brody Malone PB: Makuts was SUPERB. Basket to handstand also close to perfect, front pike up to handstand is great, oops, goes for a one-arm pirouette to the single bar and comes up SO short, has to muscle to handstand, hit a salto and something after that I forget, got a half pirouette cleanly, double front with a big hop forward. 14.871 (without bonus, 14.650)

8:22 pm. Shane Wiskus VT: Didn’t get to see it, assume he did the Kaz 1.5, 14.250!

Donnell Whittenburg HB: Front giants to Tak full, a little late but not too bad, Tak half was better, shuffles over before his hop full, layout Tkachev was a little low and caught close, bent his elbows, Rybalko was a bit messy, Endo, one-arm giant, Yamawaki, double double layout with a little hop forward. Well, he survived it! 13.100

8:19 pm. Yul Moldauer SR: Maltese rolls through to handstand, some sway in his back. Rolls through to maltese, drops to hang, next maltese is super crooked, double tuck to dobule pike to iron cross, great transition there. Inverted hang, front giant to handstand, doesn’t hold it, giant again to handstand, sway back and shaky, sticks the double double though! 14.166 (or 13.8 without bonus)

Cameron Bock went 13.600 on rings, and a great 14.800 from Dallas Hale on his vault (5.2 D)!

8:18 pm. Stephen Nedoroscik PH: Hit his legs on the horse early in his routine. Legs also came apart on a one-arm full turn and again when he was circling at the end of the horse. A little slow going up into the handstand for the dismount. Obviously not what he’s fully capable of. 15.393 (without bonus, 14.200)

Curran Phillips on parallel bars with a 16.949, aka a 15.3 without bonus!

8:17 pm. Stephen Nedoroscik talking to the cameras with full monologues about his day and his hopes and dreams is what I live for.

8:15 pm. Asher Hong VT: Tsuk full-in looked GREAT tonight! Just a step back! 16.830 (or a 15.050 without bonus)

Kaz 2.5 is slightly underrotated again tonight and he stumbles it off the mat.

8:13 pm. Just finishing up the touch at the halfway point for tonight!

8:09 pm. Rotation 9 Standings

1. Brody Malone 132.231
2. Donnell Whittenburg 129.776
3. Asher Hong 128.375
4. Fred Richard 127.117
5. Colt Walker 125.843
6. Yul Moldauer 125.231
7. Ian Lasic-Ellis 124.700
8. Shane Wiskus 124.573

8:08 pm. Riley Loos gets a 14.697 with bonus or a 14.100 without bonus on vault, E score looks pretty low for what he’s capable on his randi (just an 8.500).

Just got a replay of Colt Walker’s vault, a handspring randi with a pretty deep landing and a hop forward and toes OOB. I think they actually showed Colt this time and not Riley!

8:05 pm. Shane Wiskus SR: Iron cross to inverted hang up to maltese, legs are angled at least 45 degrees down, pike hang out to maltese, just as rough as the first one, invert pike through to swinging saltos to L sit, swinging a bit, presses to handstand, a little short but gets it up eventually, giant to handstand, stuck the double double!

Taylor Burkhart with a 14.694 aka 14.550 on vault! Then Ian Lasic-Ellis with a 14.250.

8:03 pm. Donnell Whittenburg PB: Front pike came up a little short to handstand, had to muscle It up from bent elbows, basket to handstand, then half pirouette between the bars, Healy, adjusts his hands a couple of times, straddle salto, double front half with a little hop back. 13.750

8:01 pm. Score check! Nothing super exciting tbh. 13.5 from Isaiah Drake on p-bars is pretty nice!

7:56 pm. Yul Moldauer PH: Scissors to circles to flairs on the pommels and then between them and back onto them, he’s going super aggressive already, Russians on the single pommel, then into his circles, closes his hips slightly, back to flairs across the horse and back down the other way, gets a little close to the horse at the end, ugh, comes up slightly short in the handstand for the dismount, arches over, and falls. Will have to remount and repeat it. Oh, never mind, judges credited something? He could have gone back up and repeated the skill and gotten a fall deduction, but instead I think his dismount will just be downgraded? He definitely didn’t do the dismount he intended… 13.225 (without bonus, a 13.150)

7:54 pm. Asher Hong SR: Wasn’t typing during this but he got everything including the double double layout dismount!

Cameron Bock with a 13.400 on pommels.

7:53 pm. Brody Malone VT: Kaz 1.5, very nice in the air, small hop forward. 14.600

That’s like two tenths too high based on how the Euros Kaz 1.5s look and are being scored. I feel like execution judges are a LITTLE more excited about their lives tonight compared to Thursday.

7:52 pm. Curran Phillips with a 14.050 on vault, Colt Walker with a 14.997, which would be a 14.4 without bonus.

7:50 pm. Fred Richard FX: Double double half-out, STUCK! Okay! Front full to double front, a little deep in that landing with a slight hop. Flairs, pirouetting flairs, air flairs! Double double looks so easy after his opening pass, but a slight hop back. Double full looks like he’s just doing a back tuck, he makes it look SUPER easy. 2.5 to front layout, hop forward. Triple full a bit off in rotation with a big step to steady it. 14.316 (without bonus 13.95)

7:49 pm. Interview with Sam Mikulak who looks like a happy dad.

7:46 pm. Rotation 8 Standings

1. Brody Malone 117.631
2. Donnell Whittenburg 116.026
3. Asher Hong 113.659
4. Fred Richard 112.801
5. Yul Moldauer 111.976
6. Colt Walker 110.846
7. Shane Wiskus 110.623
8. Ian Lasic-Ellis 110.450

7:45 pm. Looking at other scores now for what we’ve missed, looks like Shane Wiskus hit pommels for a 13.500!

7:42 pm. Donnell Whittenburg VT: Goes for the tsuk full-in and looks like he might have the landing at first but then starts to stumble back and ends up taking two massive steps before hopping off the mat. 15.930 (14.15 without bonus)

“His second vault won’t count but it will count in terms of memories.” ??? I know what was meant by this but it was so hilariously put.

Kaz 1.5 with a hop for his second vault.

7:39 pm. Yul Moldauer FX: Randi with a little hop. Front double full to front full. Arabian double front half-out was stuck cold. Flairs have great extension, up to handstand and down and up and down, love that for him. Double full, lovely and stuck. Tim’s really excited that he didn’t stick on day one. He made a comment that day that “all the guys would laugh at him” for not sticking and I was like??? Will they though? 2.5 to front layout and a stuck triple full! 14.700 with NO bonus!

7:36 pm. Going into the halfway touch for the second rotation.

7:35 pm. They’re showing a replay of Riley Loos and thought it was Colt Walker HAHAHA help.

7:34 pm. Cameron Bock with a 14.050 on floor, Colt Walker with a 14.200 on rings, looks like Fred Richard had a fall maybe on high bar? Real score is a 13.100 with a 6.8 E score.

7:32 pm. Brody Malone SR: Maltese, swings to inverted hang then back out to maltese, inverted hangup to planche, double tuck to double pike to straddle sit, swinging a bit there, he apparently took out his inverted cross, beautiful planche position, giant up to handstand was clean, double double with a big hop back. 14.200

7:30 pm. “Jon Horton describes Asher Hong as hilarious but I did not pick up on that in our conversation” why did this come across so funny

Asher Hong PH: Flairs, single pommel circles, back to flairs up and down the horse, transitions well to the circles, rushes the handstand pirouette into the dismount but I think that was one of his better pommel routines that I’ve seen?? 13.250

7:27 pm. Riley Loos SR: Maltese, presses up to planche, swing through to iron cross, then around to straddle sit, swings a tiny bit there. Presses out to maltese. Inverted hang up to planche, arms a little wide there I think, handstands go well out of giants, double double with a hop back. 14.207 (real score is 14.1)

7:26 pm. Rotation 7 Standings

1. Brody Malone 103.431
2. Asher Hong 100.209
3. Donnell Whittenburg 100.096
4. Fred Richard 98.585
5. Yul Moldauer 97.276
6. Shane Wiskus 97.123
7. Colt Walker 96.646
8. Ian Lasic-Ellis 96.600

7:25 pm. Combing through for other scores but I don’t see any others that are particularly notable for any reason. Some good vault scores, including 14.550 for Kameron Nelson, 14.4 for Taylor Christopulos, and 14.45 for Daniel Simmons!

7:21 pm. Colt Walker PH: PLEASE hit tonight!!! Circles on the single handle, he’s going very slow and steady, but not tentative on anything. Travels across the horse, fine there, came off a little short on the dismount and has a bobble but it’s much better than night one! 12.800

7:19 pm. Brody Malone PH: Didn’t type during this, brushed against the horse at one point, but another hit routine for him. 14.489 (14.0 without bonus)

7:16 pm. Yul Moldauer HB: Endo, Zou Li Min, Tak full, bent his knees and finishes a little late there, Tak half is better, Kolman goes low and long with leg form but he gets it! Straddle Tkachev, a little close there and has to kip out of it, hop full, Rybalko, one-arm giant, full-twisting double layout with a hop. 13.000

7:15 pm. Just saw that Khoi Young is a scratch on every event.

7:12 pm. Asher Hong FX: Front full to piked double front, rotated so slowly I thought he was just doing one pike but he got it around with no problems. Double double layout with a hop back. Front tuck full to double front, stuck! Flairs up to handstand then back down, smooth. Japanese press, he needs to cut his hair so it doesn’t touch the mat haha. 2.5 to flared front layout, very nice landing there. Triple full with a tiny bounce forward. 14.729 (real score is 14.5)

7:09 pm. Fred Richard PB: Wasn’t typing during this routine but he did some fantastic work here, Bhavsar was really nice and stuck the landing on the double front. 14.705 (real score is 14.6)

7:07 pm. Donnell Whittenburg SR: Inverted hang, swings out to maltese then presses to planche, amazing, rolls through to iron cross with his hands open, inverted hang, swings up to handstand, swaying very slightly, double pike to double tuck right to maltese, gorgeous. Inverted hang, swings up to planche, then giant to handstand, maybe some sway in his back, giants to double double layout with a small hop. Fantastic! 15.322 (real score is a 14.8)

7:06 pm. Riley Loos PH: Scissors back and forth, a bit short going into handstand, but brings it back down somewhat smoothly. Transitions between the handle and horse, then Russians on the handle. Loses leg form traveling at one point, overall his form is just a little loose, but stays fighting and gets the dismount around. 12.900

Ian Lasic-Ellis started with a 13.65 on pommels.

7:04 pm. Shane Wiskus FX: Double double, 2.5 to double front, really deep but stands up out of it. Front double full, oof, comes out super low and punches to his back. Randi is REALLY deep and I’m feeling for his ankles there. Triple full with a step back. 12.700

7:03 pm. Again, I’m watching the NBC or Peacock or CNBC coverage or whatever’s going on. Why isn’t Nastia in the commentary box for the men’s competitions now? I feel like even if she doesn’t understand it as much as she does with WAG, she could still add value by asking questions so Tim could give answers to the audience. I loved what Laurie did with that at classics.

7:02 pm. Coverage is starting now, with warm-ups going on at the moment.

6:58 pm. Welcome to the second day of men’s competition at U.S. nationals! The second slice of bread on the sandwich of my day that began with the men’s team final at Euros. In between, I took a gymnastics break to watch Orphan: First Kill, which was iconic, camp, brilliance, everything.

I missed the first day of men’s competition so I could focus on Euros, but woke up bright and early the next morning, caught the replay on Peacock, and wrote a recap in case you need to catch up before the next few minutes. Brody Malone will start today’s competition with a 3.5 lead, making it Simone Bilesly impossible for anyone else to catch up, unless he falls like five times and others who fell on night one are perfect. Not that I’m calling him Simone Biles, before you freak out at me, but his lead really is going to be hard for anyone to overcome.