2022 Pan American Championships | Senior MAG Team Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the men’s team final at the 2022 Pan American Championships, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

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1. United States 245.698
2. Brazil 244.234
3. Canada 240.034
4. Colombia 235.400
5. Mexico 230.398
6. Argentina 220.467
7. Dominican Republic 218.200
8. Puerto Rico 211.566

6:02 pm. Chris Kaji CAN FX: I want him to do big things!!! Piked double front, a bit deep but stands up out of it no problem. Double double with a small hop back, great. Front double full with a huge punch forward out of it. 1.5 to front…double full I think? Nice. 2.5 with a big hop forward. A few landings that were a bit iffy but I love him a ton! 13.200 (5.1 D)

5:59 pm. Dilan Jimenez COL FX: Double front half with a bounce back. Triple full with a bit of a stumble. 2.5 to front layout went a little wild. 1.5 to front layout, clean and solid. Full-in, a little deep with a step. 12.700 (5.0 D)

5:57 pm. Kenji Tamane CAN FX: I keep missing everyone’s first pass. Hit it though! Maybe looked a little low. Double front next. 2.5 to front layout with a little hop. Clean double full side pass. Triple full with a step back. 13.033 (5.0 D)

5:55 pm. Andres Martinez COL FX: Hit the first pass, then a full-in, then a whip to 2.5 to front layout, my favorite pass from the other day reigns supreme again! Hit the side pass. Front double full to front full, great landing there. Triple full with a slight movement in one heel. Great routine! 13.800 (5.5 D)

5:52 pm. Jayson Rampersad CAN FX: Triple full, very nice! Front double full with a small hop. Nice double full side pass, stuck that one. Looked clean in his 2.5 at the end, but just came up a hair short and took a big step to the side OOB to steady it. 12.600 (4.8 D)

5:51 pm. Jose Martinez COL FX: I didn’t start watching or typing quickly enough for this routine but he hit everything I did see. 12.833 (4.5 D)

5:48 pm. ONE MORE ROTATION! WHY. This is the longest meet in the history of the world.

5:43 pm. Brody Malone USA HB: Huge Cassina, huge Kolman, layout Tkachev, solid so far! Straddle Tkachev to piked Tkachev, excellent! The crowd COULD NOT BE MORE QUIET when he catches. I love this so much. Had a mistake in a pirouette, I didn’t catch what he was trying to do but it looked like he had to stop halfway. Double double layout dismount with a small hop. 13.500 (5.9 D)

5:39 pm. Arthur Mariano BRA HB: Ugh, I missed his first release but he caught it, full-twisting Tkachev maybe? Then he connected two Tkachevs. Also got the Jaeger full! A bit wild in a pirouette, hit the rest, but then wasn’t quite where he needed to be when he went for the double double layout dismount, stumbled it back and sat it. 12.833 (6.1 D)

Crowd is booing this but did you…not see what just happened?

5:36 pm. Shane Wiskus USA HB: A LOT of pressure for this guy right now. Huge Kolman, scared me for a second because he was SO far over! Layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, blind change to one-arm front pirouette, tak full finished VERY nicely on the bar, tak half, stalder, hop full, and he stuck the double double layout! To almost no applause HAHAHA. The shade from this crowd is truly KILLING ME. It’s so funny because it’s so not a gymnastics thing, but as a Red Sox fan who attends most games at Yankee Stadium, I love it. 13.867 (5.7 D)

5:33 pm. Caio Souza BRA HB: One-arm front giant, tak half, Kolman with wild legs, Cassina caught maybe a little low and close but no major issues. Layout Tkachev, opens up into the Jesus on the cross position in the air, Tak full got a little scary going into handstand, Endo, wraps things up with a double double layout, stuck COLD! A few eek moments but the overall vibes of that routine were fire. 14.267 (6.3 D)

5:30 pm. Riley Loos USA HB: Yamawaki, straddle Takchev to piked Tkachev, nice! Layout Tkachev, slips and falls. Part of the crowd erupted into the most excited screams and applause. OH, BRAZIL! Front one-armed pirouette when he’s back on, tak full was super late, finished under the bar, stalder, ugh, and sat the triple back, the crowd erupted into applause and cheers again. 11.133 (5.2 D)

5:28 pm. Diogo Soares BRA HB: Gets through his front giant work well enough, Kovacs, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, stalder, hop full, some leg form there, full-twisting double layout is flared and stuck! Excellent work from him today. I know he’s probably a little sad about the floor fall but he came back so strongly. 13.600 (5.2 D)

5:22 pm. What a fantastic p-bars rotation for Brazil! That’ll be enough for them to move ahead of Canada by over two points after Canada had to count two 12-range scores on high bar.

The U.S. still has the lead with a 207.198, which is 3.664 points ahead of Brazil’s 203.534. Colombia is fourth with a 196.067, more than five points behind Canada with 201.201.

5:21 pm. Lucas Bitencourt BRA PB: Wasn’t typing during this routine, had a few loose body shape areas and leg form areas, but overall another really great set for Brazil, solid on the dismount too. 14.067 (5.6 D)

5:17 pm. Yul Moldauer USA PB: The commentators are truly LOVING saying his name. Good start to his routine, beautiful one-arm pirouette, got a bit shaky on transitional work, but his next transition to a single rail handstand was PERFECT. Barani was a little low maybe? Double front half, stuck with his chest down. Great set for the most part! 14.633 (6.4 D)

5:15 pm. Caio Souza BRA PB: Nice handstand work early on, double salto was strong, looked like he maybe had a little kerfuffle going up to handstand after but it was nothing severe. Huge straddle salto. Great position going into the landing for the double front half, little bounce in place. Excellent routine! SHOW HIS MOM. 14.367 (6.0 D)

5:12 pm. Colt Walker USA PB: Pike up to handstand, good transition between the bars, soooo slow and deliberate in a one-arm pirouette. Some leg form on the next transition to the single rail. Bhavsar, short on the handstand after, Tippelt was nice, oof, one-arm pirouette out of it and he drops down to his elbows. Came off SO low in his double front, definitely not a chance of hitting it. Sat it. Someone in the crowd laughed like a witch when it happened, it was the most evil sound, I’m crying. 11.767 (5.9 D)

5:09 pm. Diogo Soares BRA PB: Good start, maybe a slight adjustment out of the Tippelt. A little lack of control on a pirouette after but brought it back to transition between the bars well. Lost some leg form on the next transition. Piked double back with a hop back. 13.500 (5.3 D)

5:08 pm. Shane Wiskus USA PB: Our first look at Shane today! Pretty shaky coming out of a pirouette, had to adjust a few times. Straddle salto looked okay, Bhavsar, up to pike hold, presses to handstand, that was nice. Tippelt is great. Double front with a little hop back. Really calmed down after that first skill, good to see. 14.300 (6.0 D)

5:07 pm. Arthur Zanetti on his phone this rotation hahahaha I love him.

5:05 pm. P-bars touch wrapping up for the U.S. and Brazil!

4:59 pm. United States now with a 166.498, ahead of Canada with a 162.501 and Brazil with a 161.600. Brazil has closed the gap with Canada a bit, and has extended its lead ahead of Colombia (fourth with a 158.067) after vault.

4:56 pm. Félix Dolci CAN PB: Held the first handstand forever, muscled out of a pirouette after. Lost some leg form transitioning between the bars. Had a lovely one-arm pirouette, big straddle salto, arched a little in handstand before the Tippelt, clean there. Hops around to handstand, clean. Double front half is a little low with a hop. 13.967 (5.9 D)

4:54 pm. Jose Martinez COL PB: I wasn’t paying close attention, just saw that he was a bit low going into the dismount, ended up with his chest forward and a step on the landing. 13.367 (5.2 D)

4:51 pm. So far, Canada has a 12.867 from Kenji Tamane on p-bars. Ooh, and they just got a 14.0 from Chris Kaji! He is having himself a DAY.

Colombia saw a 13.433 from Dilan Jimenez and a 13.033 from Kristopher Bohorquez.

Mexico with a 12.3 on high bar from Antonio Hernandez.

Argentina counting two 11-range scores on high bar.

4:49 pm. Riley Loos USA VT: Handspring randi, it looked stronger than Colt’s but still had a few little things to clean up. Very solid, though, the landing was excellent. 14.633 (5.6 D)

4:47 pm. Caio Souza BRA VT: He sat something in the touch so let’s see how this goes…ooh, does the Dragulescu, a bit cowboyed and his chest is pretty far down on the landing, takes a step back, but good enough to score well! 14.567 (5.6 D)

4:46 pm. Colt Walker USA VT: Handspring randi, really powerful but doesn’t have a real focus on his form in the air, his knees are especially weak. Big lunge back on the landing. 14.467 (5.6 D)

4:45 pm. Lucas Bitencourt BRA VT: Kaz 1.5, comes in a little deep and has to hop back. Mostly nice in the air at least! 14.067 (5.2 D)

4:44 pm. Brody Malone USA VT: Kaz 1.5, super clean and centered well, hops forward and to the side a little on the landing, but excellent start. 14.433 (5.2 D)

4:41 pm. Diogo Soares BRA VT: Beautiful Yurchenko double! Right down the middle, slight hop back. 14.100 (4.8 D)

4:37 pm. Brazil and the United States are back for vault!

Standings right now have the United States first, Canada second just a little over a point back from the U.S. (though that will change with the U.S. going to vault I’m sure), Brazil third (they’re about 3 points back from Canada but should also make up for some of that on vault), and Mexico fourth now that all teams have done three apparatuses.

4:33 pm. Now it’s replays of earlier rotations. Here are some scores!

ARG PB – Julian Jato 13.600, Luca Alfieri 12.167, Santiago Mayol 9.100

MEX PB – Cesar Gracia 13.167, Javier Rojo 12.233, Antonio Hernandez 11.233

DOM HB – Wilfry Contreras 12.333, Leandro Peña 11.700, Jeordy Ramirez 11.500

PUR HB – Jose Lopez 12.733, Miguel Aquino 12.100, Jose Rosado 11.933

4:31 pm. They showed the rotation four standings even though the two other apparatuses aren’t even halfway done HAHA. They are like sorry, no, it’s not Brazil or the USA so we simply do not care. We did get to see someone’s feet on p-bars in the corner while we watched a woman in the crowd sleep.

4:28 pm. We’re seeing an ad instead of any other apparatus hahaha.

4:26 pm. Dilan Jimenez COL VT: Kaz 1.5, really clean throughout, just goes a bit off in his direction in the air and lands with a foot OOB, hops back over the line. 14.167 (5.2 D)

4:25 pm. Félix Dolci CAN VT: Kaz 1.5, stuck it and clicked his heels together!!! Literally RIGHT on the center line. EXCELLENT. Maybe some of his body line could be tighter but goodness that was excellent. 14.567 (5.2 D)

4:24 pm. Christopher Graff COL VT: Kaz 1/2, kinda whipped that around, and the form was all over the place. Knees were the weakest. Big lunge forward. 13.067 (4.4. D)

4:23 pm. Chris Kaji CAN VT: Kaz 1.5, nice air on that, beautiful form throughout, too! Small hop to the side. 14.400 (5.2 D)

4:22 pm. Andres Martinez COL VT: Tsuk full, good position in the air for the most party, just a little unsteady on the landing. Hopped back and then kind of wobbled going into his salute. 13.800 (4.8 D)

4:20 pm. Kenji Tamane CAN VT: Tsuk full, tucked his knees a bit coming off the table, but opened up into a layout position and landed it well. 13.633 (4.8 D)

4:16 pm. We’re gonna get to see Colombia and Canada this rotation! On vault.

4:14 pm. The U.S. now a little more than four points ahead of Brazil going into the bye. All other teams have only done two events.

4:12 pm. Arthur Zanetti BRA SR: Lovely position on the planche, drops down and then back up to maltese, so hard, so amazing. Saltos up to straddle planche, down to inverted hang, swings through to iron cross, inverted hang to tucked saltos to a perfect maltese position, presses out to iron cross, maybe the slightest arch in his back on the handstand before the dismount, a full-twisting double layout with a small hop, maybe a bit of pike down on the second flip as well. The crowd is frigging LOSING THEIR MINDS, no one has ever been this excited about rings before. But that was beautiful. 14.533 (6.0 D)

4:10 pm. Long wait for Moldauer’s score. In the meantime, Mexico did THIS on vault!

Fabian de Luna 14.200
Javier Rojo 14.200
Antonio Hernandez 13.633

4:06 pm. Yul Moldauer USA SR: Planche, legs a little low, swings through to handstand, then out to maltese, angle looks weird again as it did with the planche. Inverted hang back to maltese, down to inverted hang through to iron cross. Inverted hang to piked double front out to iron cross, arms dipped a little there. Invert pike to handstand, misses it completely and has to swing through again to hit the position. Double double almost stuck, tiniest step at the end. I feel like there was a lot in there that was unusually not crisp for him? 13.133 (5.7 D)

4:03 pm. Caio Souza BRA SR: Inverted hang through to planche, some movement in his wrists, through to maltese, very nice there. Inverted hang to piked double front to maltese, legs are maybe low but this angle is hard to see. Iron cross, inverted pike to double tuck to iron cross, nice. Muscles the handstand a bit, and the second is a little arched and swingy, double double dismount with a stumble back. His mom is happy! 13.767 (6.0 D)

4:00 pm. Riley Loos USA SR: I missed the beginning, think he had a maltese, planche through to handstand, okay had to stop typing for a second but everything else I saw was hit. Double double dismount with a small step back. 13.867 (5.7 D)

3:58 pm. Lucas Bitencourt BRA SR: Maltese, down to invert pike, up to pike hold, presses out to planche, invert pike to invert hang before his saltos to iron cross, nice. Straddle planche, a little shaky, a little arched in the handstands, but not severely so, and a full-in half-out double tuck with a step! Yay! 13.133 (5.2 D)

3:55 pm. Brody Malone USA SR: I wasn’t typing during this or watching super closely but everything I saw was good, and he got the double double dismount today with just a small hop back! 14.033 (5.9 D)

3:50 pm. The United States holds onto the lead with an 81.932, ahead of Canada now in second with a 79.067. Brazil has dropped to third after pommels, with 77.433, and Colombia is fourth with a 77.200, counting a 14.067 on rings from Kristopher Bohorquez (though it looks like they also counted a fall on that event).

3:48 pm. Chris Kaji CAN SR: I missed a lot of this, but he had a nice full-twisting double layout at the end! Ooh, 14.300 (5.9 D)!

Before him, Kenji Tamane earned a 12.267 and Félix Dolci earned a 13.767.

3:45 pm. Yul Moldauer USA PH: Scissors with nice extension into his flairs, which are beautiful and so quick. Hip extension has some nice moments but isn’t there on every skill. Travels in flairs, legs separate slightly just before the handstand into the dismount, but no major problems! 14.000 (5.7 D)

3:42 pm. Arthur Mariano BRA PH: I wasn’t typing for most of this but this was a pretty good routine for the most part, had a few moments where his hips cleared the horse so nicely, and a moment where his legs came apart pretty significantly but he was able to pull them back together. Little things throughout and it’s a simple routine in comparison, but again, another hit for Brazil! 12.633 (4.4 D)

Crowd is booing his score even though considering his difficulty it’s quite good lol.

3:38 pm. Riley Loos USA PH: Nice leg extension on his scissors, a little muscle to get to handstand, little Russians on the handle, loses his hip and leg form completely when traveling, but does a good job to pull it back together, goes up into the handstand for the dismount but loses steam there and kinda drops down into the landing which isn’t great but at least he fought and corrected where it could have been worse! 12.233 (5.3 D)

Figured out there’s a bye between rings and vault, btw – DOM and PUR are starting on vault now! ARG and MEX on the break. I guess because they only had three rotations going at a time in qualifications, they didn’t have enough judges for an eight-team final?

3:36 pm. Caio Souza BRA PH: Scissors to handstands, drops down out of the handstands kinda hard both times, Russians between the handles, transitions well to the handles, travels in Russians and continues them at the end of the horse, bends his knees a bit going into the dismount, but this was a success! 13.367 (5.4 D)

3:34 pm. Brody Malone USA PH: Nice high scissors to start, could use more stretch in most of his circles, Russians up and down the horse, nice fluid press up into the dismount, hit! 13.433 (5.7 D)

3:31 pm. Diogo Soares BRA PH: Scissors to circles across the horse, goes right into flairs, slow and steady so far. Some bend in his hips throughout and he loses some leg form while traveling. Just gets messier and less controlled the further he makes it through…but fights through it today and comes up with a hit routine and solid landing! 12.167 (5.0 D)

3:24 pm. The United States leads with a 42.266, ahead of Brazil with a 39.266. Colombia and Canada are currently tied less than two tenths ahead of Argentina for third, with the first two starting on pommels and each counting two 13+ scores while Argentina started on rings.

No scores in for the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico yet. Are they just not competing? Or are the live scores being annoying?

3:21 pm. Arthur Zanetti BRA FX: Piked double front, small hop. Front layout to double front, good landing there, maybe a little forward. Full-twisting double layout not fully stretched in the air, hop. 2.5 to tuck front full with a hop. Full-in with a hop, and then arabian double front with a big lunge back to finish. 13.433 (5.7 D)

3:19 pm. Yul Moldauer USA FX: Randi was very nice, hop back. Front double full to front full, great landing there. Arabian double front half-out is lovely. Flairs, and the lady commentator is just like FLAIRS! FLAIRS! FLAIRS! Double full down the side. 2.5 to front layout, a little arched in the latter, little shuffle on the landing. Big gorgeous stuck triple full to finish. Just amazing work. 14.400 (5.7 D) – ooh, 8.700 E on that one!

3:16 pm. Caio Souza BRA FX: Front full to double front, the most cowboyed of the double fronts so far, hop on the landing. Double double half-out goes OOB as does the next pass, something to a tucked front full I think, I already forgot the first half. 2.5 to front layout is nice. Triple full with a step back. The same woman from the other night has a different shirt with his face on it and she’s crying already, I’m 99% sure it’s his mom and she’s adorable. She has Raisman energy. 13.400 (5.7 D)

3:13 pm. Riley Loos USA FX: Randi to start, nice, small hop back. Front full to double front, pushes forward on that landing and takes a step OOB. Front double full to barani. 2.5 to front layout, very nice. Small hop forward. Clean double full down the side. Excellent triple full to finish. 13.833 (5.7 D)

3:11 pm. Diogo Soares BRA FX: Opens with a stuck double double! Front full to double front, ugh, back on his heels and he bounces down to his butt. 2.5 to barani was super clean. Clean double full. Triple full, a bit low on the landing with a big hop forward. I’ll just keep that first pass in my memory because it was golden. 12.433 (5.3 D)

3:09 pm. Colt Walker USA FX: Front full to piked double front and 2.5 to double front, both great! Front layout to front double full with a small hop. I just remembered watching him at the DTB Team Challenge and the commentators in German being so excited about how American his name is HAHA. It’s all they talked about. Double full, nice. Arabian double front, big hop back and then he takes a smaller hop after that, but this was stunning overall! 14.033 (5.9 D)

3:05 pm. Athletes are in the touch for the first rotation of the MAG team final! The USA and Brazil will start on floor.