2022 European Youth Olympic Festival | Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the second day of event finals at the 2022 European Youth Olympic Festival, held in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia!

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1. Dmytro Dotsenko ISR 13.633
2. Danny Crouch GBR 13.033
3. Davide Oppizzio ITA 13.033
4. Riccardo Villa ITA 13.000
5. Anthony Mansard FRA 13.000
6. Jukka Nissinen GER 12.966
7. Daniel Mousichidis GER 12.866
8. Daniel Carrión ESP 12.666

8:27 am. Daniel Carrión ESP HB: L grip front giants, tak was really late, big Kolman! Straddle Tkachev, stalder, hop full, some form issues there, and a big flared full-twisting double layout. 12.666

8:24 am. Danny Crouch GBR HB: One-arm front full, big straddle Tkachev, blind change to front giant to tak, Endo, stalder, think he did a tucked full-in dismount, good landing! 13.033 (4.1, 8.933)

8:22 am. Davide Oppizzio ITA HB: Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, stalder, super high full-twisting double layout with a small hop. 13.033

8:20 am. Jukka Nissinen GER HB: One-arm front full, Endo, straddle Tkachev, German giants to stalder, full-twisting double layout stuck! 12.966 (4.3, 8.666)

8:16 am. Anthony Mansard FRA HB: Big layout Tkachev, huge straddle Tkachev, hop full, blind change to front giant, tak, opens up nicely, stalder, double double layout with a step back. 13.000

8:15 am. Daniel Mousichidis GER HB: L grip giant, one-arm front full, tak half with some leg separation, straddle Tkachev, tak, lots in L grip, stalder and a full-twisting double layout with a step back. Great! 12.866 (4.4, 8.466)

8:13 am. Dmytro Dotsenko ISR HB: Saw some of this, looked like a hit routine, stuck a full-twisting double layout! 13.633 (4.5, 9.133)

8:12 am. Okay, we missed Riccardo Villa, I’m not sure what else. He got a 13.000.

8:07 am. Waiting for the high bar final but the stream is frozen with the ad. So close to never having to see the Steve from Birmingham ad again.


1. Amalia Puflea ROU 13.200
2. Helen Kevric GER 13.066
– July Marano ITA 13.066
4. Abi Martin GBR 12.900
5. Sabrina Voinea ROU 12.700
6. Samira Raffin SUI 12.500
7. Arianna Grillo ITA 12.300
8. Anastasiia Zubkova UKR 11.933


1. Jukka Nissinen GER 13.566
2. Bozhidar Zlatanov BUL 13.466
3. Radomyr Stelmakh UKR 13.300
4. Erik Baghdasaryan ARM 13.066
5. Gino Vetter AUT 12.900
6. Mert Efe Kilicer TUR 12.366
7. Daniel Carrión ESP 12.133
8. Matteo Giubellini SUI 11.966

7:40 am. Gino Vetter AUT PB: Good handstand to start, muscled out of a kip, a little rushed in a pirouette…pike hold pressed to handstand went well, piked double back with a tiny hop. 12.900

7:38 am. July Marano ITA FX: Hit a double wolf turn at the beginning, then a tucked full-in with a hop to the side. Double L turn to double spin, little bobble on the landing. 1.5 to front full with a small hop. Switch leap, switch full, double tuck, a little forward on the landing with a small hop. Memmel to illusion, nice!

7:37 am. Daniel Carrión ESP PB: Glad he’s well enough after vault, I hope his neck is okay! Bhavsar, to pike up to handstand, ugh, went into the swing for his next element and just slipped off. Second time that’s happened in this final! Camera was too zoomed in for me to see the end, oh good, we get a replay…double tuck dismount.

7:34 am. Anastasiia Zubkova UKR FX: 2.5 to front tuck, goes low and long in the first skill and it takes the tuck OOB. Double pike a bit deep but mostly solid. Her choreo is mostly ridiculous. Double L turn to pirouette. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Double full with a big hop back. Double tuck also quite deep.

7:33 am. Bozhidar Zlatanov BUL PB: Great handstand, holds it for a year, before a pirouette out to another strong handstand, giant before the Tippelt, very smooth, Bhavsar, up to a pike pressed to handstand, he is crushing it. Double front half lands a little low and forward with a step but the rest was so good, I hope this scores well. 13.466, second so far!

7:30 am. Samira Raffin SUI FX: Very clean double tuck. Split jump full. Good double full, small hop back. Front layout full with a big hop forward. Switch ring to split ring leap, very nice routine. 12.500

7:28 am. Eric Baghdasaryan ARM PB: Had some really great handstands, just came up short on one out of a half pirouette. High double tuck with a hop back. He came into the final as a reserve, I think? 13.066

7:26 am. Sabrina Voinea ROU FX: Tour jeté half with a hop. Full-in with a step back. Front tuck through to double full, really nice, and solid on the landing. Switch leap to switch half. Triple spin, kind falls out of it. Double pike lands a bit buckled and low with a step forward but nothing too severe. Double tuck is much better, step back.

7:22 am. Radomyr Stelmakh UKR PB: Front pike up to handstand, arched over on a giant after that, but corrects well, Tippelt was nice, pirouette out, muscled a transition to the single bar, and a piked double back with a little hop forward. 13.300

7:20 am. Abi Martin GBR FX: Tucked full-in with a hop back/to the side. Hop L full to switch half. Love her sass moments. Arabian double front with a great landing! One of her best I think. Front layout through to double tuck, tiny hop. Tour jeté half to stag jump. Double pike. Fab. 12.900

7:18 am. Matteo Giubellini SUI PB: This kid has been in EVERY FINAL so far. Hit everything at the beginning, Tippelt with a little bit of a slow press, and then he arched over on a pirouette and came off. Double pike dismount. 11.966

7:16 am. Helen Kevric GER FX: Good landing on the full-in at the start. Triple full, comes in a tiny bit low and hops forward. Split jump full. Front tuck through to clean double full, and then a switch half at the end. 13.066

7:14 am. Mert Efe Kilicer TUR PB: Had a weird slip off after a pirouette and just fell between the bars. Hit a Tippelt and Bhavsar when he got back on. I think a front double full dismount off the side? 12.366

7:11 am. Arianna Grillo ITA FX: Double wolf turn, then a big front double full to front tuck. Double tuck with a bounce back that takes her OOB. Switch leap to switch full. Double pike with a little bounce back. Split jump full. Stuck the double full at the end. She’s been great just about everywhere this week! 12.300

7:10 am. Jukka Nissinen GER PB: Wasn’t typing during this but he hit everything I saw, especially nice on a pirouette that transitioned between the bars, and the piked double back dismount. 13.566

7:08 am. Amalia Puflea ROU FX: Nice double layout to start. Full-in with a little hop. Front tuck through to double tuck, little bounce. Double pike ends a little low with a couple of steps back. 13.200

7:01 am. Athletes are marching out now for the p-bars and WAG floor finals.


1. Amalia Puflea ROU 13.366
2. Anna Lashchevska UKR 13.000
3. Arianna Grillo ITA 12.900
4. Elina Grawin SWE 12.800
5. Lilou Viallat FRA 12.733
6. Martina Pieratti ITA 12.666
7. Sona Artamonova CZE 12.400
8. Lana Pondart FRA 11.300


1. Joona Reiman FIN 14.333
2. Bozhidar Zlatanov BUL 14.133
3. Tommaso Brugnami ITA 14.100
4. Amine Abaidi NED 13.866
Daniel Carrion 13.316
Riccardo Villa 11.633

I didn’t catch the standings for the last four but will add them once the scoring website is updated!

6:37 am. Matteo Giubellini SUI VT: Kaz full, good enough on the landing, not bad in the air either.

Kaz for his second vault, lands it a little deep with a step forward.

6:35 am. Lana Pondart FRA BB: Punch front mount, wobble on the side aerial, ugh, off on the bhs loso loso, this was the first fall of this entire final though! Front aerial is slow to the split jump. Switch leap to sissone, a little pause but nothing severe. Hit the double full dismount. 11.300

6:32 am. Maxim Kovalenko GER VT: Yurchenko double, some knee form in the air and a slight hop back.

Kaz full, tucks the second rotation.

6:30 am. Amalia Puflea ROU BB: Punch front mount, nice. Front handspring front tuck with a little hop. Switch to straddle jump to back handspring, connections are SO fast. Hit the wolf turn (1.5 I think) and side aerial, little stumble on the latter. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, again, SO quick. I wish she would change one of the connected back handsprings to something else to make this routine even better. Great double tuck dismount.

13.366 puts her in first!

6:28 am. Bozhidar Zlatanov BUL VT: Kaz 1.5, loses direction and form a bit in the air, big hop on the landing.

Yurchenko double for the second vault, really nice landing! Tiniest little bounce to the side.

14.133 average, I think this should be second so far?

6:26 am. Lilou Viallat FRA BB: Wobble on the bhs loso, switch leap is nice, split leap to sissone is also great, Onodi, and a lovely double full.

6:24 am. Joona Reiman FIN VT: Super casual Dragulescu! Chest forward on the landing and he has a step but OKAY! 14.600

Handspring front double full, form is a little weak in the air but nothing too bad!

14.333 average puts him in the lead!

6:22 am. Martina Pieratti ITA BB: Layout stepout mount was nice. A bit wild in the double wolf turn. Switch leap to split leap. Side aerial to layout stepout. Front aerial, bobble out of it. Switch ring, shape a little off, a check on the landing. Small hop on the double full.

6:18 am. Riccardo Villa ITA VT: Oh no, looked off going into his block and ends up just doing a front tuck off I think. Or did he even salto at all? I don’t think he did. That’s a bummer.

Kaz 1.5 with a big step back for his second, had some pre-flight leg separation and lands a bit seated but was very nice in the air.

11.633 average

6:16 am. Arianna Grillo ITA BB: Switch leap mount, bhs bhs loso, all great. Gets the back roll to handstand today, I’m still so sad about that fall in the mixed pairs event! Front aerial, cross straddle jump, clean double full with a hop back. 12.900

6:13 am. Daniel Carrion ESP VT: Huge and nice kaz 1.5, kind of a hard landing that looks like it caused a shockwave to hit his low back and neck, he looks to be in a lot of pain, big step forward as well.

Goes for a handspring double front for the second vault and doesn’t have the rotation, lands on his butt and then immediately grabs his neck.

13.316 average

6:12 am. Sona Artamonova CZE BB: Super solid bhs loso loso. Switch leap to split jump half. Ugh, hand down on her double wolf turn. Clean side aerial. Love the little dance after it. Side somi gets some air! Slight check on the landing. 1.5 with a big step forward. She’s excellent. 12.400

6:10 am. Amine Abaidi NED VT: Kaz 1.5, huge, great landing…feet apart but almost sticks, just a small step to the side. Excellent in the air.

Second vault is a super lovely flared kaz, step back.

13.866 average

6:07 am. Elina Grawin SWE BB: Back handspring mount is lovely. Super solid bhs bhs loso. Switch leap to split leap, tick tock over into her low choreo, full Y turn, little check. Front aerial, lovely. Side aerial comes in a little high and forward but saves it from anything bad happening. Split ring jump is great. Clean double full with a hop. THIS ALSO BEST MEDAL. 12.800

6:06 am. Tommaso Brugnami ITA VT: I didn’t see the entry so not sure what he did but he stuck it cold! Beautiful in the air. Looked like it had two twists. Maybe a Yurchenko double?

Second vault is a kaz full, a little forward on the landing with a step, but still pretty good!

14.100 average

6:04 am. Anna Lashchevska UKR BB: Switch half to back handspring, a little pause in the connection but I’d give it to her, front handspring front tuck, front aerial, side aerial, full turn, all good. Switch slow to the tour jeté, split jump to wolf jump to sissone, switch ring with a little pause, and she dismounts with a double full, clean. THIS BEST MEDAL. 13.000