2022 European Youth Olympic Festival | Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of event finals at the 2022 European Youth Olympic Festival, held in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia!

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1. Martina Pieratti ITA 13.566
2. Helen Kevric GER 13.466
3. Meolie Jauch GER 13.200
4. Anna Lashchevska UKR 13.033
5. Amalia Ghigoarta ROU 12.933
6. Lilou Viallat FRA 12.800
7. Vanesa Masova CZE 12.633
8. Elina Grawin SWE 10.566


1. Luis Il-Sung Melander SWE 13.633
2. Dmytro Prudko UKR 13.466
3. Paco Fernandes Henriques FRA 13.333
4. Matteo Giubellini SUI 13.100
5. Riccardo Villa ITA 12.900
6. Volkan Hamarat TUR 12.600
7. Davide Oppizzio ITA 11.800
8. Daniel Hasson NED 11.700

8:09 am. Vanesa Masova CZE UB: Inbar to stalder half (leg separation when it gets to handstand) to straddle Jaeger, Pak, stalder full (leg separation), van Leeuwen (leg separation), tucked toe front half, a little messy with a step back. 12.633

8:07 am. Davide Oppizzio ITA SR: Front pike to pike hold, swinging a little, presses to handstand, clean. Piked and tucked saltos to handstand, adjusts there, next handstand swings a bit, then he misses the handstand after and the rings go crooked as he tries to get it back, ends up coming off a bit short and just doing an open double tuck dismount. 11.800

8:06 am. Helen Kevric GER UB: Inbar full, great handstand before the van Leeuwen, nice lift there, inbar to inbar half to piked Jaeger, tiniest leg separation on the release, Pak is clean, toe-on to toe shoot, and a full-in, almost stuck it, just ended up taking a tiny step. 13.466

8:05 am. Riccardo Villa ITA SR: Front pike through to pike hold, saltos through to pike hold, pressed to handstand, swinging a bit, some adjustments in his hips in the handstand after, next one is a bit shakier but he pulls it together quickly, double double with a low step forward.

8:03 am. Elina Grawin SWE UB: Maloney to Pak, very clean. Van LEeuwen, some ankle form, stalder to toe-on to blind change to straddle Jaeger, nice. NO, arched over on the handstand when she reversed back to regular grip, tried it again and arched over again, then had to jump off. WHYYYYY. Back on for a blind full and clean double tuck dismount with a hop.

8:01 am. Matteo Giubellini SUI SR: Inverted handstand to pike hold through to piked and tucked saltos up to straddle hold, presses it to handstand, a tiny bit short there, through to handstand, little hip adjustment, next one also had tiny adjustments, double double, kicks out a little weirdly but lands it well! 13.100

8:00 am. Anna Lashchevska UKR UB: Inbar to Maloney to Pak, some leg form there, stalder to toe shoot, inbar half to huge straddle Jaeger, toe full is a bit late, full-in with some leg form and a hop. 13.033

7:59 am. Paco Fernandes Henriques FRA SR: Maltese to invert hang to pike hold, presses out to planche, great difficulty. A little short and wobbly in handstand after, piked and tucked saltos to a great handstand, and a stuck full-twisting double layout! 13.333

7:55 am. Meolie Jauch GER UB: Van Leeuwen, stalder half to straddle Jaeger, clean Pak, Maloney to Gienger, very nice! Keeps the leg form very well. Blind full to full-in, ugh, a little low there and stumbles it back a bit. 13.200

7:53 am. Luis Il-Sung Melander SWE SR: Invert pike to maltese to iron cross, awesome difficulty! Piked and tucked saltos to iron cross, invert pike to handstand, holds it well. Double double with a tiny hop. Oh, I hope that medals! 13.633

7:52 am. Lilou Viallat FRA UB: Toe-on to Maloney to Pak, stop zooming in all the way! Good van Leeuwen, great handstand before the clear hip to blind change to front giant to straddle Jaeger, adjustments in the blind full, double tuck with her legs apart. 12.800

7:50 am. Daniel Hasson NED SR: Pike through to pike hold, drops to invert pike, swings through to piked and tucked saltos up to straddle hold, little adjustment to get there, presses to handstand, next handstand has a few adjustments, ugh, then crashed the double double to his face, sad but the way he just laid there after had me yelling. 11.700

7:49 am. Amalia Ghigoarta ROU UB: Nice handstand before the toe full, another good one before the Maloney to stalder, some form there, Ricna, Pak, van Leeuwen, she’s doing well! Stalder half to front giant half, and double pike dismount with a step. Very nice, I can’t believe Romania has a bars queen. 12.933

7:47 am. Dmytro Prudko UKR SR: Straddle planche, through to pike and tuck saltos up to pike hold, presses to handstand, a tiny bit short, swings a bit, through to a great handstand after that, then he arches a bit on the next one. Double double, leg form was a bit messy, but solid landing. 13.466

7:46 am. Martina Pieratti ITA UB: Clean handstand before the inbar full to van Leeuwen, nice! Maybe a little crooked in the pirouette. Blind change to piked Jaeger, Pak, Maloney to Tkachev, bent her arms into the release and ended up a little low but gets it over, double pike dismount with a hop. Great! 13.566

7:45 am. Volkan Hamarat TUR SR: Saltos through to pike hold, starts out a little low in it but pulls up. Press to handstand, short on the next handstand, piked double front dismount with a small hop back. 12.600

7:44 am. Touch is just about through!

7:36 am. Medal ceremony just wrapped up! Moving onto rings and uneven bars shortly!


1. Helen Kevric GER 13.516
2. Ruby Evans GBR 13.483
3. Sara Jacobsen DEN 13.299
4. Sabrina Voinea ROU 13.266
5. Nazanin Teymurova AZE 12.833
6. Marlene Gotthardt GER 12.583
7. Alice Vlkova CZE 12.466
8. July Marano ITA 12.466


1. Kristijonas Padegimas LTU 14.466
2. Radomyr Stelmakh UKR 14.066
3. Alfred Schwaiger AUT 13.566
4. Riccardo Villa ITA 13.466
5. Danny Crouch GBR 13.300
6. Daniel Mousichidis GER 13.233
7. Matteo Giubellini SUI 12.333
8. Reuben Ward GBR 12.233

7:15 am. Nazanin Teymurova AZE VT: Tsuk full, VERY clean in the air, big step to the side OOB though. 12.833

Second vault is a big handspring front pike half with a step back. 12.833

12.833 average puts her fifth, which is kind of an excellent result for AZE!

7:13 am. Radomyr Stelmakh UKR PH: Russians between the pommels, moves calmly into his transition to circles, travels with no problems, Russians at the end of the horse into his dismount. Good routine! 14.066!

7:12 am. Helen Kevric GER VT: Not her best Yurchenko double, the second rotation is a bit rushed, pikes it down a bit and lands a little short with a step.

FTY is very clean and nearly stuck, though! Almost flares it, too. Takes a small step in the end.

13.516 to take the lead!

7:10 am. Alfred Schwaiger AUT PH: His routine was great in quals. One-arm circle, good transition over to the single handle, then down to the horse, travels in circles, a little arm bend into the dismount but that was great. 13.566, puts him second!

7:08 am. Sara Jacobsen DEN VT: Yurchenko 1.5, some knee form and a step forward, but really powerful. Can’t wait until she gets a double, and then Denmark will have two DTYs which is WILD. They didn’t even have a single FTY a few years ago.

FTY is excellent! Mostly clean, slight leg separation coming off the table, and right down the middle.

Averages a 13.299 which puts her in second behind Ruby Evans!

7:06 am. Kristijonas Padegimas LTU PH: So excited for this, his execution went 9.2 the other day! And I can see why, his hips are PERFECTION. Everything was gorgeous, Russians into the dismount. Excellent routine. 14.466

7:05 am. Sabrina Voinea ROU VT: Goes for the Yurchenko full for her first vault, doesn’t get a big pop off the table but lands it well enough. 12.966

Second vault is a Yurchenko double, her leg form is all over the place, but she pulls the rotation around really well, big step back on the landing.

13.266 average.

7:02 am. Danny Crouch GBR PH: Some form breaks in the transition from scissors to circles, Russians at the end went well, then flairs down to the other end. Circles into the dismount, another great hit for him today!

6:57 am. July Marano ITA VT: Got a kind of low block off the table on her Yurchenko 1.5, tucks it throughout but still sits it. They’re checking the back of her knee as she walks back for her second vault but she seems okay.

Yurchenko full for the second vault, no big problems there, just a little bend in her hips and knees.

6:56 am. Riccardo Villa ITA PH: Good start for him, transitioned well into the handstand pirouettes (a little muscle there) and back down right into flairs, traveled in circles with no big problems, just some hip form, then kind of chucks the pirouette into the dismount and lands it a bit short with a step. 13.466

6:52 am. Alice Vlkova CZE VT: Balks her first attempt but runs off to the side quickly enough and doesn’t touch the apparatus so she should be safe to try it again. Goes for it and is fine this time! Yurchenko full, bent arms on the table and a big step back OOB, but glad she came back so well from the balk.

Really strong on the tsuk full for her second vault! A little pike down and a big step back but good for her.

6:51 am. Daniel Mousichidis GER PH: Scissors through to circles, Russians on the single handle, flairs look great, travels in them as well, then back to circles between the horse and handle, gets a little stuck into the dismount, but this was pretty good overall! 13.233

6:49 am. Marlene Gotthardt GER VT: Handspring front tuck full, lands it a bit far back and she stumbles it back further, saving it from a fall but it won’t be a great score.

Second vault is a Yurchenko full, not a ton of power there, small hop forward.

6:47 am. Matteo Giubellini SUI PH: Scissors into his circles, starts on one handle, then transitions to both then to the other handle, rolls over on one of his circles right as he was getting down to the horse, ugh. Fall. Travels then back to the handle for his pirouette into the dismount. 12.333

6:45 am. Ruby Evans GBR VT: Starts with the DTY, which is super new for her. I think QF was her first attempt in competition? Or second? Does it pretty well, takes a big step back and looks like her heel was OOB, but her legs are pretty cleanly together, just a little bend here and there. 13.833 (5.0)

Second vault is an FTY, big and clean, big step back. She almost flares it out!

13.4 (?) average from what I could hear.

6:43 am. Reuben Ward GBR PH: They’re playing the 90s one-hit-wonder “How Bizarre” which is such a weird but excellent choice. Scissors right into his circles, tiny ankle separation during circles on the handles, he’s staying on the handles for a lot including a little Russian action, travels well, UGH, then doesn’t make it to handstand for his dismount and just comes off, that’s a very sad fall. Gets it the second time. 12.233

6:41 am. Beginning the touch warmups.

6:37 am. Athletes marching out now!

6:36 am. Okay, we’re getting pommel horse and WAG vault at the same time so that’ll speed this up a bit!

6:28 am. They’re doing the medal ceremony now which is so annoying, SAVE THEM UNTIL THE END!


1. Danny Crouch GBR 13.900
2. Radomyr Stelmakh UKR 13.666
3. Amine Abaidi NED 13.600
4. Matteo Giubellini SUI 13.333
5. Tommaso Brugnami ITA 13.233
6. Sebastian Sponevik NOR 13.166
7. Anthony Mansard FRA 12.933
8. Bozhidar Zlatanov BUL 12.366

6:21 am. Tommaso Brugnami ITA FX: Half-in half-out to start, good landing. Front layout to front double full with a hop forward. Front support down to a split then does a pike press to handstand. 2.5 to rudi, nice. Triple full with a step to the side. 13.233 (4.8, 8.433)

6:18 am. Amine Abaidi NED FX: I missed the very beginning, looked like a full-out? 2.5 to front layout went a bit crooked but landed well. 1.5 to front full, good. Layout side pass. Triple full at the end was stuck! Love that he played it kinda safe with some passes and then went for broke at the end. 13.600 (4.5, 9.100)

6:15 am. Anthony Mansard FRA FX: Double double, loved the kick-out of that, but he’s too far back and ends up with a big bounce OOB. Randi for the second pass was good, 2.5 to front layout went a bit low and long but no major problems. Split pressed to handstand, adjusts a tiny bit. Layout full side pass. Rudi after that. Finishes with a double full, hop back. 12.933 (4.9, 8.333, -0.2)

6:13 am. Radomyr Stelmakh UKR FX: Front full to double front, great position on the landing! Maybe a little forward. 3.5, a tiny bit short with a step forward. 2.5 to front layout, a bit arched, hop forward. Double full down the side. Russians for his little side business. Triple full, comes in a little low and forward but great hit! 13.666 (5.0, 8.666)

6:09 am. Sebastian Sponevik NOR FX: I love this guy and am so happy about his successes here! Double double, small hop back. Front full to double front, a little low but good landing. Full-in with a small hop back. 2.5 to front layout, some arched form in the layout with a little step forward. Hit the last pass, I think a double full? Could have been a triple, I wasn’t looking hard enough. 13.166 (4.8, 8.366)

6:07 am. Matteo Giubellini SUI FX: Piked double front, good! 2.5 to front layout also solid. Front double full, small hop forward. Rudi side pass. Little bobble before going into his last pass, a clean stuck double full. 13.333 (4.7, 8.633)

6:04 am. Bozhidar Zlatanov BUL FX: Ugh, sat the double front at the start. Randi with a good landing. 2.5 to front layout, tiny bounce forward. Rudi side pass. Front double full, small hop forward. Double full to finish. Sad about the fall, but glad we go to see him! I missed almost everything he did in quals and then was surprised to see him finish so high up in the AA. 12.366 (4.9, 7.466)

6:01 am. Danny Crouch GBR FX: Piked double front, low but almost stuck. Hit the next pass well, a twist combo pass but I didn’t catch what in time, looked like a back something to a front something, rudi maybe. Randi was stuck! 2.5 to barani, stuck that as well. Triple full with a tiny bounce back. Excellent start! 13.900 (5.0, 8.900)

5:59 am. Starting with MAG floor here! Athletes are just beginning the touch warmup.