Women in Finland support PM Sanna Marin posting party videos

When video of the Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin dancing at a private house party surfaced, hundreds of Finnish women took to social media to show off their dancing and partying in support of her.

Videos showing the women having fun and dancing with friends that use the hashtag “solidarity with” Sanna came to light after the prime minister received backlash for her actions after two videos of her singing and dancing at a party with friends and another of her having a good time in a special VIP area of a popular Helsinki club surfaced.

Critics claimed that the videos called into question her political and moral judgment. The prime minister denied allegations that there had been drug use at the event and claimed that she had taken a drug test, the results of which would be made public as soon as they were made available.

In an effort to defend herself, she claimed that all she did was ” dance, sing, hug my friends and drink alcohol.”

“I hope that in the year 2022 it’s accepted that even decision-makers dance, sing and go to parties,” Marin said. Hundreds of women responded by posting their own videos of dancing, drinking, and showing support for her.

PM Sanna Marin was heavily criticized

Professor of gender studies Anu Koivunen said she didn’t believe gender played a significant role in the controversy around the leaked film. The partying itself wasn’t a major deal, but the fact that the film surfaced raised questions about the prime minister’s judgment on the company she kept.

Filtran un vdeo de la primera ministra de Finlandia de fiesta

That she didn’t exercise self-control in a group setting when she couldn’t rely on everyone, Koivonen added. That, in my opinion, is the primary problem right now.

The potential that Russia may have hacked the phone or social media accounts of someone in the close circle of the Finnish premier was suggested by Petteri Jrvinen, a cybersecurity expert who was cited by the newspaper Iltalehti on Saturday.