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In the previous Premier League season, Aston Villa, under the management of Steven Gerard, finished 14th place. General expectations are that in this current season, changes would be made to improve betting deals in favour of the team.

The fans are also optimistic about this new season with the majority expecting at least an eighth-place finish. This can be seen in the results of a survey conducted by several football betting platforms.

However, let us have a look at what bookmakers have to say about Aston Villa’s odds in the 2022-23 Premier League season.

Aston Villa’s odds

This being Steven Gerard’s first complete season as the team’s coach, several Villa fans have their hopes raised. Just like other team supporters, they love the idea of winning the EPL title. However, taking into consideration their history, bookies have this to say.

What are the chances of Aston Villa winning the Premier League?

According to bookies, the possibility of topping the table at the end of the season is quite far-fetched as the team has a long way to go. With the signings of Philippe Coutinho, Boubacar Kamara, and Diego Carlos, the team seems to be stronger and more unified. However, this is not enough to secure the top position as there are still lapses in the team’s defence.

Although the management has succeeded in building a more coordinated team, it is highly unlikely that the team would be able to pull the same stunt Leicester did in 2016. Thus, Aston Villa has a very slim chance of winning the 2022/23 EPL.

What are the odds of this team finishing among the top six?

Judging by their performance in the last season, Aston Villa needs to improve their gameplay and defence if they will have a chance at a top-six finish. There are only a few strengths that Steven Gerard can build on and it is no wonder that he has signed a couple of new players in a bid to restructure. His vision for the team is to overturn the lack of balance that plagues Villa.

Critics postulate that in the previous season, little gaps in defence led to mistakes that cost them the EPL title. Unless these mistakes are addressed, the team is in danger of relegation this season.

In addition, this football club has a midfield problem that makes them vulnerable to counterattacks. Also, Gerard commented that the team needs to learn to perform at peak capacity for 90 minutes. All these must be overcome if Aston Villa would have any shot at a top-six finish.

Odds of winning a golden boot

In the 2021-22 Premier League, Villa scored the ninth-highest number of goals, capping at 52 goals. Ollie Watkins and Danny Ings were instrumental in this by scoring the highest at 11 and 7 goals respectively. However, in the 2022-23 EPL, the team has increased odds of taking home the golden boot.

With players like Philippe Coutinho, Ramsey, and others, bookies do not foresee a shortage of goals. If the team continues its aggressive play of crosses and through balls, their goal-scoring chances improve greatly.

What are the chances of finishing as the top Midlands club?

Four Midlands clubs are vying for the EPL title this season. Among them is Nottingham Forest, a club that has not been in the EPL race for over 20 years. Also, last season was a struggle for Leicester City, another Midlands club. Due to this, the competition for the top position among these clubs is more or less between Aston Villa and Wolves. With respect to this, bookies consider Villa as the team with higher odds of finishing top.


If this team hopes to make headway this season, they must step up their gameplay all-round. With the right tweaks and tunings, sports bookmakers believe that Aston Villa’s odds would greatly increase. And this could lead to a stronger 2022-23 EPL season.


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