What next for aging, declining quarterfinalist Belgium?

The term Golden Generation invokes both positive and negative connotations. In the context of football, it represents a special group of players who have come together at just the right moment under a singular banner.

However, there is a lingering fearsome undertone to the term as well. Generation in itself means that there is a beginning and an end. Belgium is one such nation whose golden generation is reaching its definitive end.

The harsh – and sad – reality is that while golden generations represent a rare boon of talent, they rarely promise trophies. Take the case of Belgium, who, for all the talent in the world, is yet to win a trophy – it hasn’t even come close.

A disappointing exit in the quarterfinal of the Euro 2020 only compounded the misery the Red Devils suffered in 2018, 2016, and 2014. The window of opportunity is shrinking, and the World Cup next year might be the final chance for Belgium’s finest ever to win silverware.

A broken Eden Hazard is the least of the worries facing Belgium. Roberto Martinez has the mammoth task of replacing his aging defense ahead of the next big tournament. We take a look at what lies ahead for them.