This is why promising administrator Baba Sadiq has pulled out of the race to become Hearts of Oak CEO[Asempa FM SportsNite] — Ghana Sports Online

Baba Sadiq, one of the leading candidates for the vacant Hearts of Oak CEO position, has pulled out of the race to focus on politics.

Sadiq, whose innovation and unique management style became popular in the West African nation, became one of the favourites for the job which was vacated by Frederick Moore.

In an interview with Asempa FM’s Enoch Worlanyo, the young administrator confirmed that he applied for the post when it was advertised.

“In fact I considered it. When they opened it, I also duly shared my CV. But unfortunately, the engagement hasn’t happened at the time I was expecting it to happen. So as of now for my part, it is off the books,” he told Worlanyo.

“Because of how I do my things, I expected that the engagement would have happened earlier than usual. Mind you, if I take the Hearts of Oak job, it would be at the expense of other career choices I would have made. I was keen on bringing in some magic and verve into the extensive work that has been done by the board. And, the Executive Chairman.

“For the period it was delayed, there were other considerations and as it stands now, I am looking to contest the primaries in Okaikwei Central for my party. And, I have already started work in that regard, pending the official opening of the process by my party,” he added.