Raheem Sterling shows Chelsea’s lack of consistency in attack – Talk Chelsea


Chelsea fans got to see one of their new signings make his debut over night in our second pre-season game of the campaign.

Raheem Sterling came on as a half time substitute against Charlotte, and it was very good to see him in a Chelsea shirt I must admit.

Even though Chelsea lost the game on penalties, Sterling scored his comfortably, and there were many positive signs on his debut. Pre-season games are always a bit lacklustre and slow anyway, and Sterling didn’t really get out of second gear. However, he didn’t even need to up his tempo and he was already a class above any of Chelsea’s current attackers, in my view.

I think it says a lot that even a Sterling who was yet to hit max potential was showing up our own attackers, it says all you need to know about the lack of consistency and quality that our current crop of attackers have.

Sterling instantly looked so much better. We do not have any other attacker like him; a player who can get on the ball, burst away with it, beat a few players and make a chance out of nothing. We’ve not had that kind of player since Eden Hazard.

Sterling arriving has instantly upgraded our attack and is better than anything else we have. The rest of our attackers need to step up now, otherwise I fear we’ll end up being heavily reliant on Sterling, just as we used to be of Hazard.

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