Newcastle United: Eddie Howe slammed for ‘disgraceful’ conduct in Liverpool defeat


Newcastle United fell to yet another defeat on Thursday evening, as Liverpool performed a rather routine victory over the Magpies, but one moment overshadowed the game.

Liverpool’s equalising goal came through Sadio Mane as Isaac Hayden was done claiming a head injury. Mike Dean didn’t stop play so the goal controversially stood.

In his post-match interview, Eddie Howe claimed that Hayden was still dazed for five minutes after the game as a result of the ‘injury.’.

This was something that Chris Williams picked up on, which led to a whole host of fans replying to the post.

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Despite what sounds to be incredibly serious, the medical team and Howe allowed Hayden to play the entire game, thus showing how inept they are, or proving that Hayden was trying to con the referee.

Here is what these fans said:

“Correct, he did say after the game he was still dazed sooo left him on all that time. Embarrassing interview from Howe.” @socksandsly

“Amazing comments from Eddie. Speaks about his player being dazed, but blames the referee for a lack of player safety.” @John77smith1

“Thought the same. Shocking statement by him and disgraceful if true.” @cheekyric

“So he just admitted gross negligence, to complain about a goal that was perfectly fine.”  @thsoulis

“He’s totally embarrassed himself in that interview.” @iam_emmo

“Exactly, really poor that Eddie Howe has let his player play on like that. Actually, it’s disgraceful.” @fruitba66332432

“Look if it’s true Eddie Howe needs to serve a serious ban for letting his player continue with a concussion, if it’s not true his players deserve all they got.” @Corco_90

This can go one of two ways, either Howe and the medical team ignored all concussion protocols and put a player at serious risk. They had the full half-time break to asses him too, so if he was dazed and an error was made on the pitch, it should have been corrected then.

Or, the more likely option, that Hayden was playacting to stop play and slow Liverpool down and Howe was trying make Dean look worse for allowing play to go on, but all he’s actually managed to do is show himself or himself and his medical staff, in a negative light.

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