India co-sponsors UN resolution tabled by Argentina on International Day for Interventional Cardiology

New York [US], September 3 (ANI): India has co-sponsored United Nations General Assembly resolution that proclaimed September 16 as International Day for Interventional Cardiology.

The resolution was tabled by Argentina.

“India co-sponsored @UN General Assembly resolution that proclaimed 16 September as International Day for Interventional Cardiology. The resolution was tabled by Argentina,” the Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations said in a tweet.

Maria del Carmen Squeff, Ambassador to the Permanent Mission of Argentina to the UN in new York introduced the draft resolution “International Day for Interventional Cardiology” and said the International Day is to be commemorated on 16 September to raise awareness about that field of medicine which improves public health and increases life expectancy.

The adoption of the draft resolution would allow greater recognition of interventional cardiology as a very powerful diagnostic and therapeutic tool.

Meanwhile, India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ruchira Kamboj speaking about the country’s troop- and police contribution said that India has over 5,500 personnel deployed across nine missions, with 177 soldiers having made the supreme sacrifice “under the blue flag”, the highest number among these contributors.

The Commission and Fund need increased focus and support from Member States to fulfil their mandate. She stressed the importance of the “cardinal principle” of inclusivity to advance national peacebuilding objectives, noting that an exclusively donor-driven approach would not be the most prudent path to follow. Greater financial support from sources outside voluntary contributions merits a careful study of their potential impact on the United Nations ecosystem.

Any decision to this effect must be consensus-based, she said, noting that the Commission should exercise its convening role more effectively. India has always played a significant role through its extensive development partnerships with countries in the global South. India stood in solidarity by strengthening existing development partnerships.

Ruchira Kamboj also drew attention to the India-United Nations Development Partnership Fund, noting that over five years, it has launched 66 development projects in partnership with 51 countries, featuring various South-owned and South-led initiatives. In the last three months alone, India has exported over 1.8 million tons of wheat to Afghanistan, Myanmar, Sudan and Yemen, while also helping Sri Lanka by providing $4 billion in food and financial assistance. (ANI)