Ghana doesn’t need to overhaul or get a new constitution – Kwame Pianim

“I do not believe that those who are saying, we need a new constitution. The constitution we have, with a few judicial adjudications can be brought to light, a few changes.

“We don’t need to overhaul or get a new constitution. What is wrong with the constitution are Ghanaians. The president has too many powers but the president doesn’t pass laws,” he said at the launch of the John Evans Atta Mills Memorial Heritage at the University of Ghana on February 1, 2022, under the theme: ‘The man John Evans Atta Mills – 10 years on’.

He said the 275 lawmakers in Parliament have a role to play in dealing with the weakness of the 1992 constitution.

“There are 275 MPs sitting there, they are supposed to approve the ministers, not the president. So we say yes they are the Ministers, we have the Council of state who are supposed to make certain appointments in consultation with or on the advice of. I don’t know what documents they say the president should bring when it is in consultation with them or on the advice of.

“So it is not the president who has too many powers, it is us to stand up and be courageous to say Mr. President these persons you want to occupy this position are not good enough, they are not experienced enough,” Pianim stated.

Earlier, a pressure group known as the Economic Fighters League has called on Ghanaians to pass a vote of no confidence in the 1992 constitution and trigger the process for a new constitution.

The group believes the 1992 constitution is a tool being used by the leaders to rig and steal from Ghanaians.

Commander-in-Chief of the Economic Fighters League, Ernesto Yeboah, speaking on the development in a Facebook post said “Take note, no beneficiary of this rotten system, especially the leadership of NPP/NDC, will support the People’s demand for a NEW Constitution.

“When you say NEW Constitution, they will say TREASON. When you insist NEW Constitution, they will say “Amendment?” When you again demand a NEW Constitution, they will say “Adjust”.

He accused political leaders of ripping off the nation through constitutional leadership adding that “Because under the Sakawa Constitution, they [NDC/NPP] have it all. Only a New Constitution gives you your share of the nation’s wealth.”