Chelsea hitting their fans and players like a punch in the face – Talk Chelsea

It’s like being punched in the face by your own Mother, like being cheated on by your partner, like being let down by those you love.

Chelsea, have completely ignored the feelings of their fans and their own players as they confirmed their intentions to play in the European Super League.

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You’d have all heard exactly what this thing is all about now, and how ridiculous of an idea it is. But Chelsea, and all the other clubs who have joined up, have absolutely disgraced and let down their own fans.

Fans MAKE clubs, without fans, there will be no clubs. For Chelsea to simply just ignore fans this easily and focus on making millions and millions in the face of a pandemic, without even sparing a thought for what the fans want, is absolutely disgusting.

Chelsea carried on with their press conference today and even throw head coach Thomas Tuchel right under the bus as well. He was there fronting obvious questions about the super league, and did well to stay composed and diplomatic. I wonder what he really thinks? I guarantee it is similar to you and I.

Why didn’t they let a board member front questions? Why hide and let Tuchel take it all? Front up to your supporters and give them your (pathetic) reasons.

The excuses will soon come I’m sure, but once again, a football club has brushed their fans firmly under the rug and have focused entirely on racking up the millions upon millions of pounds, during a pandemic with SO many ‘normal’ people out here struggling day to day.

And what about the players? Care to even think about them? Will you even have any players wanting to play for you in this super (stupid) league?

Because if they do, it sounds like they will never be able to represent their countries again whilst doing so, never play in a World Cup, or the Champions League again. Thought about that Chelsea? No of course you haven’t, you’re too busy punching us all in the face and ripping our hearts out.

I will still be shocked if this league goes ahead by the way, as I have said. I feel the battle will ensue and get very heated. I can see it being blocked legally. I still feel this is political nonsense and clubs making a power play against the new Champions League setup. If it is though by the way, it is equally as disgusting.

But to sum it up, I’ve been left with a bitter taste in my mouth and feel thoroughly let down by our club. I am always a fan first and foremost, and a reporter second. So this cuts deep to real fans.

I’ll always follow and support Chelsea, my blood is blue. But if this thing goes ahead, I will find it all a hell of a lot harder and I am unsure whether the connection I feel with the club will ever be real, or will ever be the same.

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