Chelsea get financially favourable Champions League draw – Talk Chelsea


Well today was interesting to say the least. It saw the Champions League Last 16 draw and it was actually pretty shambolic from a UEFA point of view.

As you have probably seen, Chelsea have now been drawn against Lille twice today. The first time around was null and void due to a mistake from UEFA when the draw took place. They basically forgot to put Manchester United in the right pot and it was all hideously unprofessional and shambolic.

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They then announced that there would be a second draw and that would take place at 2pm. Ironically Chelsea got Lille again in scenes that was just hilarious in the end rather than anything else, although Real Madrid fans might not be saying the same thing!

Anyway, there was a lot of debate on the Twitter timeline as always, and to be honest I’ve never really cared who we would draw against, because I feel we can beat anyone on their day, and to win the competition you have to beat the best anyway whether that’s in the Round of 16 or the final.

However, looking deeper into the situation, it is actually important to remember the financial side of things, and not only have Chelsea got the most favourable draw they could get in terms of quality of opponent, they also have the most favourable draw in terms of financial implications.

Chelsea getting knocked out of the Champions League stages in the Last 16 would cost them literally just short of *£10m, which is a lot of money really.

We have already got £20m odd for getting as far as we have, and if we then go on to qualify for the semi finals we would get another £10m, and then £12m for reaching the final plus another £3m for winning it.

*Figures are roughly estimated and from The Sunday World.

So getting Lille today isn’t just a matter of being a draw with more chance of getting through to the next round, it is a matter of £10m, which is easy to forget about.

With much respect to Lille, who sit in 11th place in Ligue 1 right now, drawing them gives us so much more chance of securing £10m than we would against a Bayern Munich or Real Madrid for example.

So we absolutely have reason to celebrate getting drawn against them today, TWICE!



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