Chelsea could use a formal Fofana transfer request – Talk Chelsea


The chances are that Wesley Fofana has probably already handed in a transfer request at Leicester, it is at least very clear what his intentions are, and I am adamant that he would have made that known to the club and to his manager.

But I think what Chelsea really need right now is for a breaking news report all over Sky Sports as a media briefing saying ‘Fofana hands in official transfer request.’ If this happens, then I think Leicester will be forced to cave a little on their asking price and meet Chelsea somewhere in the middle, and this would be enough for the deal to go through and Chelsea to pay up.

The difference between asking your manager and club to leave privately, and going to them with a formal written request to leave, is the latter will be all over the news and back pages and will put immense pressure on Leicester.

Of course, the concern is bound to be if he does that and a deal doesn’t go through, what reception would he then get from Leicester fans if he is forced to stay? It wouldn’t be comfortable for him at all.

However, it is SO clear that he wants to leave, I think we can all see this. So it really will make little difference to that side of things now if he hands in an official request or not, but it will make a huge positive difference to Chelsea and getting a deal done. I mean, Leicester fans aren’t silly, they can clearly see he wants out and to join Chelsea, desperately.

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