Argentina marks 206th anniversary of Independence Day

BUENOS AIRES, July 9 (Xinhua) — Argentine President Alberto Fernandez called for national unity during a celebration marking the 206th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence on Saturday in Tucuman Province.

“In order to move forward as the community that we are, we must tear down walls and start building bridges,” said the president in a statement from his office.

Fernandez reaffirmed the value of “unity,” which “is always the fruit of the willingness of those involved to consolidate it. History teaches us that unity is a value that we must preserve in the most difficult moments.”

The president also called for the establishment of “the great consensus that is needed to develop ourselves once and for all in the face of the challenges we face in the 21st century.”

He called on Argentines “not to abandon the dreams, the commitment, and the dedication that we learned from those who built our country.”

Fernandez also stressed his work to recover “the most egalitarian country we had that was distinguished by upward social movement and a state that guaranteed it” and to banish “all kinds of inequalities.”