Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup

The men’s field hockey tournament, known as the FIH World Cup, is an international event that is held every four years. It started in 1971 and at that time, there were no online gambling websites where gamblers enter via TonyBet login. Pakistan is the tournament’s most successful team, having won four of the competitions it has participated in. The Netherlands, Australia, and Germany have also won multiple titles. India and Belgium have additionally won once each.The event was held in India from November 28 to December 16. In 2018, Belgium won its first World Cup title after defeating the Netherlands in a penalty shoot-out. The tournament then expanded to 16 teams. 


The qualification stage for the World Cup has been part of the event since 1977. Every team that takes part in the tournament plays in a round-robin tournament to determine which group they will join. The top two teams from each pool will automatically qualify for the World Cup finals.

Final tournament

In the final tournament features the teams that have already qualified. It also features the winners of the recent Summer Olympics’ hockey competition. After the group stage, the teams are divided into pools and play a round-robin game. The composition of the groups is determined using the current world rankings of the FIH.


Nur Khan, a Pakistani Air Force officer, proposed the idea of holding the World Cup to the International Hockey Federation. Patrick Rowley, the editor of World Hockey magazine, was the first person to introduce the concept to the organization. 

Political issues prevented the World Cup’s first competition from being held in Pakistan. The event was scheduled to be held in Bangladesh during the country’s Liberation War. When Pakistan invited India to participate in the tournament, a crisis occurred. The country’s cricket star, Abdul Hafeez Kardar, criticized India’s participation.

Due to the political situation between India and Pakistan, the FIH decided not to hold the World Cup in Pakistan. Instead, it relocated the event to Spain. The FIH chose to hold the tournament at the Real Club de Polo in Barcelona. This was a neutral site and was regarded as a peaceful European venue.

The FIH has no restrictions regarding the number of nations that can participate in the tournament. In the past, the World Cup featured only ten teams. In 1978, the event featured 14 nations. Over the following years, the tournament featured 16 teams.

The first three tournaments of the World Cup were carried out every two years. The event was held every four years until it was finally expanded to 16 teams in 1978. The World Cup was held in 1978. It was halfway through the Summer Olympics hockey tournament when it was expanded.