USA Fencing’s 2022-23 Pulse Survey Will Provide an Essential Snapshot of Fencing’s Diversity and Inclusion

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Before you begin any important journey, it helps to know exactly where you are. 

That’s the mindset behind USA Fencing’s 2022-23 DEIB Pulse Survey, which is now open.

The results of the survey will provide an essential snapshot of our organization’s diversity as it stands today — data that will help us steer our programmatic efforts to foster a fencing community of authenticity, belonging and inclusion. 

The survey takes just 10 to 15 minutes to complete. While participation is 100% voluntary, everyone within the fencing community is encouraged to take a moment to complete this essential tool to help grow and support our community.

“The results of this survey will provide a valuable baseline as we discover where our community feels we are in the realm of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging,” says USA Fencing CEO Phil Andrews. “From that data, we can identify problematic areas and address the needs our community has identified, as well as enhance areas we are doing well in as a community.”

The survey, along with other DEIB efforts being spearheaded by Shannon Jolly, senior manager of DEIB, will help USA Fencing identify partners within our membership, uncover opportunities to advance fencing forward as a sport, and gather feedback to make fencing a safer and more accessible place.