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12 hours ago, League_Champion said:

Every day, not every week. 

For the misinformed bashers out there and fake ass Cowboy fans, let me give you the real Santa story. The “real” Santa never showed up so they pulled some drunk 19 year old crackhead looking dude out of the stands and threw a fake beard on him and introduced him as Santa. It was the worst looking Santa ever. If this was Cleveland or New York they would of murdered the guy.


Wow thanks for enlightening us all, nobody has ever heard that “real story” before   

As for what would happen in Cleveland, have you ever been there? Or attended a Browns game? 

And your whole “well that was the old Vet, that place was horrible” you realize that goes for many stadiums? Things were far more rowdy in the old Municipal Stadium for Browns games, than the new stadium. (I sat in the bleachers, and fights were common, one Monday night game with the Bengals was memorable as some off duty cops sitting in front of us jumped in and hauled a few guys out.) Higher ticket prices, seat licenses pretty much eliminated many of the rowdy beer guzzling dock worker types flourished. 

I find it amusing how you’re getting all defensive over this stuff, I’d expect thicker skin from somebody who spends so much time bashing others.