Building my FPL GW3 TEAM with a HUGE HIT (and #Elite64)

GW3 TEAM! This is what it’s all about!!! A huge transfer hit to get the players I want! I am ready to put the #Elite64 league to the test with this Gameweek 3 team. I won’t stop until I see big green arrows!


FPL GW3 Team

🚨 Final GW3 Team! 🚨

***UPDATE: No changes from the video. 5-3-2 formation with a new goalkeeper, Neco Williams steps into the starting eleven, Gundogan in midfield. Thanks for watching and good luck!!! 👍💯 -Bruno

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#ELITE64 ownership stats.

How to use and #Elite64 league:

1. Go to

2. Click ‘League Selections’ at the top

3. Enter #Elite64 League ID: 24490 then click ‘Load’, ‘Reload League’

4. Sort ownership stats highest to lowest by clicking ‘League Owned’


*Stats from #Elite64 league ID:24490

Fixture Difficulty cheatsheet.

The latest version of the 2022/23 Fixture Difficulty Cheatsheet is in the works… Once the cheatsheet is back and firing top predictions, I’ll be sure to share it. Thanks! -Bruno

2020-21 FPL Fixture Cheat Sheet COVER GW1-GW9

U90 mini league.

READY FOR 2022/23! Free to join. Sign-in to FPL, click the auto-join link below or enter the code. Players from last season are automatically entered. 👍

U90 Mini League - Code To Join

Auto-join link:

Code to join: j7rs7f

U90 MINI LEAGUE 2022-23

Gunners not Runners
Kern Boyd
96 181
Philip Ekanenze
87 178
jaydeel fc
jadiel mutembei
97 173
fpl uncrown
Bishwas Adhikari
81 172
winter is here ❄
claude cornel
87 171
Hansa hu akbar
Philipp Frenz
80 171
Rolls Reus
Eyuel Legesse
83 170
Andy May-Heggie
88 169
☆Granit Xhaka☆
Granit Xhaka
79 168
Mitro’s on fire �
Vladimir Petrovic
85 168

My music.

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Rate My Team.

This is what it’s all about! A huge transfer hit to get the players I want! I’m ready to put the #Elite64 to the test with this Gameweek 3 team. Thanks for watching and let’s rate your team!