Pokémon UNITE Championship Series EU & NA March Finals, Finais de Março da América do Sul-Leste and Finales de marzo en América central, México y Sudamérica Oeste are taking place today, watch them live here

There will be seven Regional Zones supported for the first season of the Pokémon UNITE Championship Series: North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Japan, South Korea, and Asia-Pacific (APAC). Pokémon UNITE events will be open only to players over 16 years of age (players from some regions/countries must be 18).

A series of qualifying tournaments in each Regional Zone will be held each month, and players will earn Championship Points (CP) based on their team’s finishing place in that month’s tournament. CP will be retained by individual players to allow for team changes as the season progresses. The teams with the most CP will qualify for the Regional Championships, from which the top teams will qualify for the Pokémon World Championships.

Each month’s tournament will feature an Open Qualifier round, such as the February Cup, in which teams will compete in a double-elimination format. The top 16 teams will advance to the Monthly Finals event played two to three weeks after the Open Qualifier. Monthly Finals will be broadcast in most regions. In April, players will also be able to compete in the Aeos Cup, a special tournament that awards prizes and more CP than the monthly tournaments. The top four teams from each Regional Zone’s March Monthly Finals and the 12 teams that advance out of the Aeos Cup Last Chance Qualifier will play in a group round-robin stage before advancing to a double-elimination final event.


The top eight teams in CP in each Regional Zone before June 2022 will earn a spot in the Regional Championships. They will be joined by the top four teams from the previous month’s tournament and 12 teams that earn a spot through the Open Qualifier. The Regional Championships will then determine which teams qualify for the 2022 Pokémon UNITE World Championships. The Regional Championships will begin with a round-robin format with teams split into four groups, then use a double-elimination format in the finals to determine the winner from the top performing teams.

In addition to determining who earns a direct spot in the Regional Championships, CP will be used to seed monthly qualifying events (except in February, which will be seeded randomly).

See the full Pokémon UNITE Championship Series rules for the complete Championship Point reward tables.


Teams (as shown below) will earn an invitation and receive a travel award to the 2022 World Championships in London. Teams that qualify for the World Championships from the Regional Championships must maintain the same five-player roster as was used to earn their invitation.