Roger Federer to return to Latin America for an exhibition match

Roger Federer is one of the greatest players, not just in tennis but, sports history in general. Federer is a Swiss player who has the most Grand Slam titles (20) in history. He was at the top of the world rankings (310 weeks) the longest. Recently, it has been confirmed he will visit Colombia and will face young tennis elite Alexander Zverev in an exhibition match on Friday, November 22.

Vlade Divac enters the Basketball Hall of Fame

Vlade Divac is an NBA legend that has now been added to the Basketball Hall of Fame, along with 11 other titans. Divac, a Serbian basketball player, had experienced greatness and defeat in his long stay in the NBA. He embodied courage, hard work, and talent throughout his on-court career. Ultimately, he has managed to be among the greatest. He is now the Sacramento Kings’ general manager.

Tom Brady is underpaid with a $23M salary

New England quarterback Tom Brady, 42, is going into his 20th NFL season. He is considered as the best passer of all time, and he does not seem to get tired. When he said a few years ago that he wanted to “play until 45,” it was commonly thought to be a joke. Now, Brady has extended his contract to two years. He calls himself a football thinker and still trains like a madman.